Monday, 31 December 2007

My Blog on 2007

This year there have been...

- One hundred and nine posts! (Counting this one).
- Many visits from around the world.
- Three surveys.
- Two template changes.
- A Cbox added!
- Many new friends met by blogs.

I love blogging! *Smile*

Monday, 24 December 2007

Bible Camp. Part Two

Considering that we were on holidays, it was a great thing that most of us were awake by half past seven a.m., and all at eight, when ML’s wife woke the rest. Oh, the chills and colds we had while we dressed! Brrr, I trebmble only remembering it! But we dressed anyway (it was warmer, after all…) and I was the first one downstairs because I had to warm up water for my tea (I couldn’t have milk because I had a dreadful cold). I saw how ML lighted up the fire, and when the first boys came up and the girls came dow, we all piled up by the fire and chatted (that’s when we listened the “cold-air” story… *giggles*).
Some of us helped with laying the table for breakfast, and soon a hungry pack of people happily sat at the table, waiting eagerly to eat. We sang, prayed, and… in ten minutes all was gone! Some people even toasted their bread directly in the fireplace, and, as it was very hot (the fire, I mean), the room soon was filled with the comfy and homey smell of burnt toast!! We had bread (or burnt toast…) with apricot or strawberry jam, and once again, mandarins!! We would end tired and fed up with mandarins… *grin*
After breakfast we had a small devotion, and then we had the “Clean Up”, where we ordered bedrooms, kitchen, dining room, etc. We girls opened the two windows while we cleaned up, so we could hear the birds singing in the morning, the boys laughing and chatting while, apparently, the worked on the tent, but most of all, we opened the windows to tel the fres, cold air in. I can remember how my nose went numb from the cold while I folded my pj’s!
Then, while we waited for everyone to finish, four of us went outside and played badminton. I don’t remember ever enjoying so much a game of badminton! We used to squeak when we missed the fly. *giggles* We played a lot, but finally we got bored (woops!) and went back inside where people were sitting by the fireplace. Most of the girls went there, but I and another girl prefered to go and have fun with the cookers and peal potatoes. I had just finished pealing the last one when down came ML and called everybody out with his wonderful whistle. We were going on our outing!
We all got our big jackets on, and piled in the cars. Then the drivers drived to a place where fossiles could be found abundantly, and we became archaeologist! It was fun, just nosing around the ground, touching this and that, removing this rock or that stone. We all found plenty of fossiles, and I found a big rock with a snail fossile. It was almost as big as my fist! With everybody’s help, two bags were filled with fossiles. My brother also found a bullet that was said it probably belonged to a soldier who fought during the Spanish Civil War!!
Then we walked a little further, and when we got tired we sat on the ground and talked. Three girls even lied down and dozed off…
When we went back, lunch was almost ready, so while we waited we played badminton, and when it was ready, we ate. After lunch, out we went again after helping with the dishes, to play more badminton. Badminton is such a fun game! I love it, I really do. We had to run if we didn’t want to miss the fly because our aim wasn’t really whay you call (ahem!) perfect… and so we ran this way, squeaked and jumped to the left, etc.
Then came the time when we were going to do indoor crafts. Most of us went inside, but some stayed out to play more. Anyway, we made candles! It was lots of fun! We had a white wick, and there were three pots with red, blue and white melted wax. We took the wick by the end, between the fingertips, and dipped it in one of the pots. Then we blowed at it and patiently waited untill it had cooled down sufficiently, and we repeated the operation. It was kind of patience-trying, but we stubbornly continued on and on and on, and our efforts were nicely rewarded with a pretty blue-and-white-and-red candle. When we finished it was about five, and already dark. We left our candles on a window sill to completely cool off, and we had the afternoon snack, consisting of peaches in syrup, juice and bread-and-chocolate by the fireplace. And after that we had the Bible Study.
That afternoon, after singing with the guitars, which I enjoyed so much, we talked about faith, reading in Hebrews 11:8-9,
“By faith Abraham, when he was called to go out into a place which he should after receive for an inheritance, obeyed; and he went out, not knowing whiter he went.
“By faith he sojourned in the land of promise, as in a strange country, dwelling in tabernacles with Isaac and Jacob, the heirs with him of the same promise.” In this we had an example of huge faith, for Abraham obeyed and trusted God completely when he was sent from living with his family, in a secure and wealthy place to a strange lang wich he knew nothing of, and where he lived as a stranger. What an example for us!, to show us how to live in faith in a world full of sin and wikedness as strangers. ML also used examples of his own life to show is what he ment. With a final prayer, we finished the study, but I had enjoyed it inmensly.
We had supper after that, so once again the table had to be laid. I think this time it wasn’t my turn, so I stayed close to the fire, chatting with everyone. We used to play with a long stick, poking the fire, and seeing who’s was the first one to burn. Then we would blow the flame away, and do it once again. But we were called to table, so we sat, and after the prayer we simply ate and talked.
That night was the nicer one after supper. Three friends and I got two blankets, and went outside. We layed one blanket on the grass, we layed down, covered us with the other blanket, and just watched the stars. It was beautiful!
As you know, before going to bed we had a film, and a talk about it. Before starting it, ML went around and gave a little stick to everyone, answering with “I’ll tell you later” at our questioning eyes. The film was interesting. I think it was called “The Mystery of Life”, or something alike. But what I liked best was after it, with the sticks. ML got up from his seat and looked around. Then, he started, “Everyone has a stick. I have one too (it was broken). No one wanted my stick, because it is broken. So I kept it. Now, imagine you are a little stick. A little stick does a little fire. But imagine all of you got together… even being the sticks small, the fire would be much larger, wouldn’t it?” He looked around. Then he continued. “We are like the sticks, and our work for the Lord is like the fire.” His words impresses me and made me think. “If all of us work for Him, the work will be greater than if only one of us does. Now, I want to serve the Lord, so I am going to throw my little stick in the fire, for even a broken stick can burn. Then I am going to turn around, and close my eyes. I won’t be looking, but if any of you wants to serve the Lord then he may get up and throw his stick into the fire. I’ll be praying for you all.” And he turned around, as he had said. It made my heart cry with joy to see so many people get up and throwing their stick into the fire (I did too). It made me feel so glad I wanted to cry. I think that that was the most beautiful time, because when we were seated, the fire blazed up and consumed our sticks. I felt happy. Then we prayed and it was time to prepare for bed.
But since it was the last night, we were allowed to stay up late. We girls upstairs in our bedroom talked, laughed, took photos (I have many hilarious ones of us being silly in our pj’s!), and even had a love story told to us, a true love story. It was, well, late, when we began to think of going to bed, but even then, we continued to whisper in the darkness. I felt happy, joyful and very much blessed when I fell asleep.

End of the second day and part of the story…

Wednesday, 19 December 2007


It snowed here last Monday! Only during half an hour, and it rained afterwards... but it snowed all the same, and even before winter started!! Yay!!

Saturday, 15 December 2007

Bible Camp. Part One

This past long weekend (Thursday, Friday and Saturday), my younger brother and I went to a Bible Camp. It was really great, we had a very good time with much loved friends we hadn’t seen for some time. My brother quickly went with his two friends (everyone called them the “Three Muskateers”) and I went with mine.
The place where the camp was held was really very nice. In fact, it was a stone windmill. I can tell you, it was very cold there, and humid. The girls’ bedroom was inside, on the second floor, where it was cold even there, and under us was the living-room, with its huge fireplace, and the kitchen. But if you asked any of the boys, they can tell that indeed it was very cold, because they slept outside in a tent! They would also say that the first night was especially cold, because, instead of putting to warm air the electric stove, they turned accidentally to cold air! Good job thy had all the quilts and things, or they would have frozen to death, poor things! (How we laughed when on of them, while waiting for breakfast sitting and chatting on front of the fireplace, told us about it!)
Now I will tell you about the schedule we had. At eight o’clock a.m. we woke up, and dressed, combed hairs, helped with breakfast, etc. (we could not shower because there wasn’t hot water, and as the cold water came from outside, it was very cold!!). At nine o’clock a.m. we had our breakfast. It was fun to see all the sleepy but yet cheerful faces of everyone! Then we had a small devotion, and at ten it was time for the “Clean Up”, where the bedrooms, tent, dining-room and kitchen were put to order. At eleven we would have, depending on the day, an outing to this place, or that one. We would come back just in time for lunch at two o’clock p.m. (I tell you, the food there was just delicious!!!). After lunch, four of us teens would stay to help with the dishes, and during that period everyone had free time. After lunch and dishes we would have outdoor games or indoor crafts, and free time till the snak. At five o’clock we would have the said snack, and at fifteen past we would have a very blessed Bible study that would last until supper at eight o’clock. Again four teens would stay to clean up the dishes afterwards, and the rest had free time. People would walk in the dark (for it was dark already at five p.m.), and talk, oe sit and watch the stars. Then at nince we would watch a movie and then talk about it afterwards. Then came when we said goodnight to each other and go to bed. But, talking and chatting after the lights were off was the best, so it was quite late when we went to bed… (ahem!)
That was about what we did during those days, but now I’ll tell you about it with more details.
So let’s go back to the first day, Friday… the first thing I saw when we arrived there was a small river, and the ground covered with wet leaves. I could see also the sun peeping behind the mountains, feel the fresh air, and hear the crunchy leaves when we crossed the wood bridge to the windmill. Here we saw the first people in arriving there, and how cheerfully and happily they greeted us! I just love my friends so much. I quickly went upstairs to the bedroom, dumped my things on a bed and fished my camera out of my bag. Then I started to take photos of the boys putting up the tent. It was fun! Everybody helped there, also in bringing in firewood. Around the place you could always hear cheerful laughter and talking, and when you went in you could hear more cheerfulness coming from the kitchen, or from the benches by the fireplaces.
Before lunch I remember how two of my dearest friends and I would sit on a huge wall and talk. This wall was really tall, like four metres tall, that’s about thirteen feet tall. We could clim it because nehind it was like a path that went up to the back of the house, which was higher placed than the wall. So we went up the path and so we could climb the wall, and sit and talk, also watching two of the boys playing with a rugby ball.
Then we had lunch. And after that we went out to play the games. That day we had to learn how to survive in conditions not used to. But first we had to do some exercises to warm up, so the Main Leader and his son showed us how to do them, and we did them. It was funny because you could see the people making efforts to do them. The laughter we had! Then, the Main Leader (the ML, shall we call him?), began to make up a story. “So,” he started, “just imagine you’re in a plane,” and he did this sound like we’re flying. “And suddenly, something happens to the motor of it” and you heard him brrrrrrrrrring at us. “The pilot has to make an emergency landing!” and he wheeeeeezes us. Everyone was laughing. “There, we’re all safe!”, and he counted us. But then we had to learn how to know where we were, and by the sun we could tell that. Then it happened that somebody had something broken and we had to bandage him. We had to carry him wherever we went, we had to find food and water, and other such things. It was fun! (You can eat acorns, but only if you’re really, really hungry, because they are disgusting!)
Then we went inside and had our afternoon snack, with biscuits, mandarins, milk… and then we had the Bible study. It was really interesting. First we sang with two guitars, played by one of the leaders and ML’s son. It was beautiful! Then we started the study. We read Leviticus 23:33-43, and then ML spoke about the feast it talked about, how the Lord provided the children of Israel with food and water during forty years and how this feast was done so “that your generations may know that I made the children of Israel to dwell in booths, when I brought them out if the land of Egypt: I am the Lord your God! (verse 43).
Right after that supper was announced, but the table had to be laid, so some girls (I between them) offered, and we got the table ready (after that, I can tell you, I got such a pain in my arm!). And so we had supper. What was most funny was with dessert, and it was because we had this huge box full of mandarins, and the mandarins had stickers on them, and some people got these stickers and stuck them on their faces. I have a very funny photo of my friend Cris in the dark with the lantern under her chin, and her face full of stickers. And se looked so spooky!
After supper and dishes, and while wandering out in the dark before the film, I saw a commet! It was very strange, at this time of the year, but I saw it all the same. I was very happy!
And then we watched the film, “Pamela’s Prayer”, the true story of Pamela Bucklin and her special marriage. We talked about it, commented on the film, and meanwhile we enjoyed a drink of milk and chocolate. It was a very interesting film, and a good lesson! Of course, after that, being half past eleven p.m., we went directly to bed, but while changing to our pj’s, we froze! But after that we brought up the girls’ electric heater, and placed it on our bunk beds. The bunk beds were really great, because it actually was one huge, long bunkbed were there was room for all of us girls. And we slept… zzzZZzzzZZzz…

End of the first day and part of the story…