Friday, 27 February 2009


Hellooooooooooooo everybody!
I've just been for a wonderful walk... it smells like spring!! And it's beautiful, really. I was able to pick a bunch of nice flowers and plants and I placed them on my desk.
I am writing a quick update, so you'll see I haven't disappeared from the face of this earth - not yet, anyway...
I will write a quick update on my life... I've been very busy lately studying and reading and writing a lot, so I haven't been much on the computer, only to check e-mail and do a couple of things... now I am back from a lovely walk, and before I start working, I said to myself, let's write an update!
Soooo what is new in my life? I'll be sixteen in two months, almost. =) I have learnt to use my Mummy's camera, and I have learnt how to play with my cat without it biting me all the time. I enjoy playing the flute more than ever, and I love spring, I really do...
As for my studies, I'll say I've had 10's in all the Maths exams I've had this semester, 10 in Biology as well, a 9'75 in Phyisics, a 9 in History, a 9 in Catalan, 9's and 8's in Spanish, and I think that's all... I have an exam next week, I had an exam yesterday, another today, so naturally, I don't know those marks yet.
I'm back to teaching English! And I have such a delightful time. It's lots of fun, and I like it better than last year.
And now, as I finish a delicious tea and stare dreamily out of the window, watching the white, cotton clouds sail the sky... I leave you to your own affairs...

Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Some New Blog

"My parents bought me a very cool camera, CANON Powershot A420, for an advanced birthday present. My birthday is in May, and we were going on holidays in April, so I asked them to buy it for me in advanced. And they did!! I've had the same camera for a year and a half, and then it broke down. Sniff.
So I decided to create a blog where I would post all the pictures I took in this time,

"So I can show the new world I discovered through the small window my camera is"


This is the explanation of a new blog. It's called A Window To Another World, and, as you can read, it's about pictures.
I invite you to visit it! But you need a special permission, so if you have a real interest in visiting it, send an e-mail to with the address I should send the invitation to, and I will be willing to send it to you!