Thursday, 30 April 2009

And So...

I'm going to be sixteen... in four days!
This year has sped by me so quickly... it's incredible how time flies as you get older.
Fifteen has been an awesome age in which I have learnt a lot, I would even say a lot more than other years! And so I pray that Sixteen will be another wonderful year...
Sweet Sixteen^^

Monday, 27 April 2009


"Once upon a time, there were an apple and a banana, and they lived happily ever after in a fruit bowl on the kitchen table."
Written by MoonShaw's Mummy


I was able to take these pictures on mid-Sunday. It had been storming for some hours, and then, quite out of the blue, the sun started to shine, and when I got the chance I went outside to take a few snaps.

This last one is my favourite. I just love the way the three little pearls of water shine in the sunlight!

The Many Faces Of A Cat

More of him... nothing to say, really, he's just a real pest when I happen to have my camera around, so the pictures are taken of him!

Total indifference...

Friday, 24 April 2009

Dumb, Lazy And Comfortable

This is Catacomb.

Nah, don't worry, that's just one of my many nicknames for him. But doesn't he look dumb and lazy?

Dumb, lazy, and comfortable.

Didn't I tell ya?? I was studying outside, doing some homework, and one time I got up to do something I don't remember, well, I came back, and this is how I found the 3S's

Nay, but I love him...

I love him... in spite of this. I was concentrated in studying my Catalan, so I wasn't paying any attention to him, and when I do that he gets mad, and consequently, I got bitten today. Nasty thing...

But he's cute.^^

Le Ciel Bleu

"Ben ajagut a terra, com me plau
El veure davant meu en costa suau
Un prat ben verd sota un cel ben blau!"

Joan Maragall

El Muchacho De Los Ojos Tristes

Ni una simple sonrisa,
Ni un poco de luz en sus ojos profundos.
Ni siquiera reflejo de algun pensamiento
que alegre su mundo.

Hay tristeza en sus ojos hablando y callando
y bailando conmigo
Una pena lejana que llega ami alma
y se hace cariño

El muchacho de los ojos tristes
Vive solo y necesita amor
Como el aire necesita verme
Como a él solo necesito yo

El muchacho de los ojos tristes
Ha encontrado al fin una razón
Para hacer que su mirada ria
Con mis besos y mi gran amor

Ni su nombre conozco,
y ya quiero volver a encontrarmelo a solas,
Y en sus ojos de otoño,
dormir poco a poco
olvidando las horas.

Yo pretendo saber porqué extraña razón,
hoy sus ojos no rien.
Yo prentendo lograr,
con ternura y amor ver sus ojos felices.

El muchacho de los ojos tristes
Vive solo y necesita amor
Como el aire necesita verme
Como a él solo necesito yo

El muchacho de los ojos tristes
Ha encontrado al fin una razón
Para hacer que su mirada ria
Con mis besos y mi gran amor

El muchacho de los ojos tristes
Vive solo y necesita amor
Como el aire necesita verme
Como a él solo necesito yo


It's Friday.
Okay, what does one feel when she has come to the end of a school week?

  • Thankfulness
  • Happiness
  • Energy (yes, even after a long, tyring week!)
  • Full of ideas and plans for the weekend
  • Joy!
  • Satisfaction

This week had been a wonderful week! I can't believe how quickly it has gone by. It has been full of wonderful times, funny memories, laugh moments... but let's explain what has happened.

Monday: It was an awesome day. I started with a good foot, and had a Spanish syntax exam. It went wonderfully and I had a great time doing it (yes, call me weird).

Tuesday: It was another great day, though it was a little harder for me because it's a bit of a difficult day. I have the subjects I like less, though I like all of them. We also had a Catalan exam, which wasn't so brilliant. Oh well!

Wednesday: It must be one of my favourite days this week. We have afternoons free on Monday, and we were able to advance a lot on our project. Also, I was able to attend my littlest brother's theatre representation! It was fantastic and I had a wonderful time.

Thursday: The best day in the whole week, for sure. It was St. George's day over here, and we didn't have school day, but the school itself organised various activities. I won first place in the Spanish prose competition, and I stood in front of the whole school! That was exciting. And later in the afternoon I went to the swimming pool with a school friend.

Friday: Today... well, it was another very satisfactory day. I had my English test - it went great, by the way, - and various lessons. And now I'm planning, thinking and trying to figure out when to do what. I really enjoy my busy, blessed life, in case you were wondering!

Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Centro Floral

So I have been experimenting with my Mummy's camera today, and decided to take pictures of the centre of some flowers we have. I really like these pictures and it is pretty easy, so it was a good exercise. Here are the results.

This one is my favourite.

This one didn't come out right, but I really like it because the sky is really neat and the cloud is very clear. Need I say that the flower was growing downwards?

What Happened To My CANON

Okay, many people have asked what happened to my camera, and so I am going to post a couple of pictures to show you what happened. I guess the sensor is wrong, or something like that.

Wrong colours, lines on the picture, darkness... etc.
Something is wrong. So I am thinking about buying a new camera because it would be very expensive over here to try and fix it, but I'm not sure about it. For now, Mummy has very kindly lent hers to me.

Photo Dare

Okay, I've just realised that long, long ago, my friend Bethany tagged me, and now, three months and a day later, I'm going to carry out my duty.


1. Be brave and post the scariest picture you can find of yourself.
2. Tag one other person, more if you'd like but this is a dangerous game.
3. Go hide in your closet when your done.

So, I'm going to post this picture, and quickly go and hide in my closet.
At a friend's house, when a bunch of friends got together and started being crazy - scary, right?

I tag...

Estrelleta and my camera


Friday, 17 April 2009


When one hasn't a hair-band or a clip...

...what else can she do?

NOTE - The pictures aren't that good... I still don't know how to handle my Mummy's camera, I so need my CANON back...

Dark Island

Away to the westward, I'm longing to be
Where the beauties of heaven’ unfold by the sea
Where the sweet purple heather’ blooms fragrant and free
On a hill-top, high above the Dark Island
Oh Isle of my childhood I'in dreaming of thee
As the steamer leaves Oban, and passes Tiree
Soon I'll capture the magic, that lingers for me
When I'm back, once more upon, the Dark Island

True gem of the Hebrides, bathed in the light
Like a midsummer dawning, that follows the night
How I long for the cry, of the seagulls in flight
As they circle high above’ the Dark Island
Oh Isle of my childhood I'm dreaming of thee
As the steamer leaves Oban, and passes Tiree
Soon I'll capture the magic, that lingers for me
When I'm back, once more upon, the Dark Island

So gentle the sea breeze’ that ripples the bay
Where the stream joins the ocean, and young children play
On a strand of pure silver, I'll welcome each day
And I'll roam forever more, the Dark Island
Oh Isle of my childhood I'in dreaming of thee
As the steamer leaves Oban, and passes Tiree
Soon I'll capture the magic, that lingers for me
When I'm back, once more upon, the Dark Island

~A song I really like.

My Flute :: Requested

My flute! Notice the holes on the keys?

Monday, 13 April 2009


Ahí permanece, marchita y olvidada en un rincón, pero llena de recuerdos y años de soledad. Todavía conserva su fragilidad y fragancia; ahí, al lado de la ventana, encima de la mesilla y junto a las cortinas, dentro de una habitación de la torre de un castillo solitario, está ella.

Sus pétalos secos siguen rojos, rojos como la sangre de una bestia que a punto estuvo de devorarme. Y todavía recuerdo cada instante de ese día...

Sí, por las tardes oscuras y lluviosas me refugio en ese cuarto lleno de libros antiguos y polvorientos para contemplarla y recordar con melancolía el valeroso galán que la hizo mía y desapareció, sin dejar rastro.

Y hoy, oscuro y lluvioso día, ella me encuentra de nuevo a su lado. Después de tanto tiempo, sigue allí, constante. Mis dedos de anciana gustan de acariciar la delicada flor, y cogerla, y susurrarle, y posar en ella un beso.

Y mientras voy rozando lentamente sus aterciopeladas hojillas, contemplo la lluvia fuera de la ventana, cual intrusa que quiere entrar, y creo oír el son del galope de un caballo en su repiqueteo.

Pero ésto se acaba ya, pues yo me iré en poco tiempo, y entonces ella quedará sola...

Pero seguirá como ha seguido hasta ahora, tan sólo con libros como compañía, pero fragante y orgullosa como siempre, manteniendo el secreto que lleva en silencio, erguida y con sus pétalos rojos, rojos como la sangre de una bestia que una vez, hace ya tiempo, estuvo a punto de devorarme.

Ahí permanece, marchita y olvidada en un rincón.

Y lejos, en lo alto de una colina, está un caballo blanco con un jinete que contempla tristemente la ventana de la torre de un castillo olvidado...

Friday, 10 April 2009


This is Nuba, my favourite kitten and Scotty's sister. She was adopted by some really good friends, and I still see her from time to time.
She was such a dear, and she is so beautiful! I'm very fond of her.

Thursday, 9 April 2009


I've been working on this header for some time, and I've finally finished it, just to find out that this template doesn't accept headers.
Así que aquí está, para que lo podáis ver!

Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Best Ship Ever

"There are big ships and small ships, wooden ships and iron ships, but the best ship of all is friendship"

~Author Unknown


"...may I come in?¿?"

My bedroom window, second floor... he climbed the tree!

Fotos d'Aquests Dies

Various pictures I've taken these days I'm on holidays... Sea, gardens, birds...

No captions! Have no idea what to write... but aren't the birdies sweet? They sing beautifully.

Saturday, 4 April 2009

Història Del Segon Trimestre

Bé, doncs, començades les vacances del segon trimestre, faré una mica "d'update" en les "ocurrencias que han ocurrido aquí".
Punto Uno: El Code-Switching mola. Comentari que m'acaba de venir al cap.
Anyway, us deixo aquí les notes, perquè segur que algun dia, quan ens veiem, em preguntareu, "Què, com han anat les notes?!", amb cara d'expectació i els ulls oberts. Ja-ja-ja...

Biologia: 10
E.E.C.: 10
Física i Química: 10
Matemàtiques: 10
Castellà: 9
Català: 9
Francès: 9
Història: 9
A.E.A.: 8
Anglès: 8
P.D.R.: 8

Algunes sorpreses: no m'esperava un 9 en història, per exemple, comptant que el trimestre passat vaig treure un 7, i que no em va molt bé. Però amb esforç i perseverància es pot tot, com he pogut comprovar.
L'altra sorpresa ha sigut el 8 d'anglès... que en un principi em va fer agafar un atac de riure, però que després, quan hi vaig pensar, vulguis que no em va fastidiar un pèl. Per un examen que no vaig fer, i que ningú em va dir res sobre aquest, em va baixar la nota. I vaig treure un deu en l'últim examen!
Aeee, peteqle...
Una altra sorpresa va ser el 10 de Educació Eticocívica... perquè ni vaig estudiar, ni m'hi dedicava molt, però vaig treure un 9'5 en l'examen i mira... potra del principiant. ;)
Per aquestes vacances tinc un niu de coses per fer. I m'encanta. Encara que no ho sembli, estar ocupada és de les millors coses que hi ha, perquè això de quedar-se sense fer res i aburrir-se com una ostra, a mi no em va. I entre quedar per treballar en el Projecte de Recerca, anar a la picina perquè m'ho va dir el fisio, i tenir tres o quatre cartes per escriure, a més de moltes altres coses, estaré molt ocupada. I ben contenta!
Bé, doncs "l'update" arriba fins aquí.
Bones vacances a tothom!

For those who haven't understood a thing, I'll try and do the same update in English... ;)

Friday, 3 April 2009

An Amazing Balloon

This was long ago, at a friend's party. We got a balloon and tried to pop it by placing it between the door and the wall, and after that closing the door. It not only didn't pop, but we had real trouble in shutting the door and the balloon stayed there when it was once closed.
Go figure. I leave you to your own conclusion.

Un Diccionari Curiós

Abella: és una mosca amb ràdio. (11 anys)
Animal: pot ser qualsevol dels meus germans. (9 anys)
Badall: és una "A" molt llarga.
Cuiner: és la persona que podria ser la més grassa del món. (9 anys)
Diners: és el sopar dels francesos.
Electricitat: és una cosa molt corrent.
Encostipat: és un concert de tos i esternuts.
Maduixa: és un cor de fruita.
Vent: és el torment d'algú que prta perruca. (17 anys)

Una amiga meva tenia un diccionari de definicions que havien donat nens de totes les edats. Les havia recollit un programa de radio que les havia recopilat totes en un diccionari. Em va prestar el diccionari fa molt de temps, i fa un parell de dies vaig trobar un paperet amb les definicions que havia copiat. La meva definició preferida és la de l'electricitat!