Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Inspired By Raindrops

To hear the wind howling furiously outside in the garden, smell the faint scent of burnt wood, feel the warmth spreading in the house.
To see how your breath disappears in mist, hear the insistent patter of water drops on your hood, watch how little rivers form in the side walk, see the beautiful, golden, red scenery.
Walk under a tree and receive a rain of drops, transparent, tiny, crystal drops, feel the need of one more shirt, feel the soft tact of a scarf around your neck.

To Feel... Autumn!

Yes! Friends, fall is definitely here! It's been raining for the whole week so far. And even though I was wearing my winter pyjama, extra shirt, socks, leg warmers and slept with a thick duvet, I was cold last night.
Ah! How great it has been to wake up and smell the sweet smell of burnt wood coming from the downstairs fireplace in the living room.

It's great!

I tell you, rain inspires me... does this post show the opposite? :P

Tuesday, 21 October 2008

I Am Alive

Yes, indeed, I am alive.
I can't believe it. A month has passed without my writing a new post in my lovely blog! I can't believe it. This isn't possible.
But oh well... I guess I have been busy... and it has been worth it, friends, because out of ten, I got a 9.25 in Spanish and Physics, and a 9.50 in Biology! :D So yeah, I think it was worth it.
Besides, there hasn't been much interesting stuff going on, so I didn't have anything to say.
But I promise I will write something from time to time, and as soon as I have cool pictures and things to post, I will post them.
Because I love you all very much.^^