Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Awed Writer

That's what I am right now! I'm so awed! I can't believe this has come true. But, friends, it has! I can say that it's a dream come true.
But I will explain myself. I will not let you discover it on your own, for it is my belief that it would be mighty difficult for you to do so, excepting a couple of close friends who already know the news. ;)
So the smashing news are that, Lord willing, I'll be going to Holland during my Christmas holidays! I'll be able to see my best friend!!! And I'll be able to have such a good time with her and her family!
I am so looking forward to it. I can't wait, I am so impatient already. I bought the plane tickets yesterday with my Papa's help, and was I excited last night!
I can't explain further. I'm too excited to put two words together so that they make sense. I don't know where to start explaining.
So I'll leave you till my head is cleared enough to be able to explain things. =)

Monday, 26 October 2009

My Choice

Getting up early, yet being able to cuddle under the warm blankets for five minutes before getting out of bed and dressing.
Dressing however I like, without having to think if this looks nice together or if that is going to be comfortable for today's doings.
Working along with my parents, tidying up the house and taking care of having it clean and shiny.
Helping my little homeschooling brother in his maths, explaining everything to him so that he'll be able to understand, and spending time with him.
Being able to cook, sew, knit, write, read, blog!, whenever the work is done and I feel like it.
Playing my flute for hours and hours, or practising my songs on the piano, enjoying it and feeling that it's OK to do it.
Being able to help around the house.
And most important, being able to read my Bible whenever I please to, and learn from Him who inspired it.
All this is what I've chosen for the present.

Saturday, 10 October 2009

Like It^^

When I'm not studying or writing an e-mail to a friend, I try to create. =) This is my photo blog's header... just experimenting.^^
How are you all doing?