Monday, 26 April 2010


The title doesn't really have much to do with the real subject of this post, but it explains the reason.
Long, long ago (76 days ago) my best friend and I started the countdown. Today, we're down to 8 days for my summer trip to start! I've started calling it my Summer Tour...
Anyway, as the day gets nearer, the usual dummy-funny-noisy-crazy me turns in to reallydummy-reallyfunny-reallynoisy-reallycrazy me. I can't help it. If I didn't go wild, I would completely burst inside.
Therefore, I have more fun than usual with my little (taller-than-me) brother. I mean, we laugh at anything, even the most stupidest, nonsensical thing. This afternoon, while having our afternoon break, I had some of my delicious Bio Soya and Chocolate Milk. My bro and I were laughing at something so while I poured some of my milk I spilt it a little over the table. What did I say?

"Woops! I missed!" *looks awkwardly at the table* "And I messed!

Whoa, my brother and I just started laughing so hard!
Five minutes later, I started talking about my trip *brother rolls eyes and sighs thinking, again!* and I suddenly exclaim,

"Wow, I'm gonna miss you so much!"

What does brother say?

"I'm gonna mess you so much!"

*Laughs and laughs and laughs and laughs*

Sorry for this weird piece of my life! I wanted to write it down. (= Don't give me up! :D

Wednesday, 21 April 2010


This session has been somewhat melancholic. It's my last session. It finishes today, and they have been three days of sighing and thinking "This is the last time I do..." such and such.

It twelve days I leave Spain, and start a whole new year. The day after I leave I will turn 17 years old. And my first four months will be spend abroad, without my family, but with my friends, friends I haven't seen in a long time, or friends I haven't met at all. It's going to be such a great experience, such an opportunity! I thank God for this.

I would appreciate your prayers for this trip.

And for now... this is the last time I get on a computer at work. ='(

Friday, 9 April 2010

Weapon of Prayer

This is a song I really like. Everytime I listen to it, I get chills up and down my spine, and goose-pimples. The message is so true! I just hope I will never have to sing it.


In that land across the sea
There's a job for you and me
Though our presence there may not be found
We must stay standing there
On the battle lines and pray
We must never lay our weapons down

We don't have to be a soldier in a uniform
To be of service over there
While the boys so bravely stand
With the weapons made by hand
Let us trust and use the weapon of prayer.

Many thousands miles away
Someone shed their blood today
With a heart so true and brave they're gone
To a war that's yours and mine
Let us join the battle line
With a weapon that will save our home

We don't have to be a soldier in a uniform
To be of service over there
While the boys so bravely stand
With the weapons made by hand
Let us trust and use the weapon of prayer

And when the planes and tanks and guns
Have done all that they can do
And the mighty bombs have rained and failed
Still the helpful Hand above, on the weapon made of love
And against Him none on earth prevail

We don't have to be a soldier in a uniform
To be of service over there
While the boys so bravely stand
With the weapons made by hand
Let us trust and use the weapon of prayer.


I just listened to it, and had to share it with all of you.

Thursday, 8 April 2010


My life is a happy life.

That said, I am alive. Otherwise, my life wouldn't exist because it wouldn't be a life, because a life exists when you live. So, I repeat, I am alive.

Unfortunately for my blog, I am incredibly busy these days. Besides the fact that work fills my days from six thirty a.m. to eleven p.m., something else (which I may add, is VERY exciting, and coming up really fast!) is also taking up a lot of my time every day.

WHAT! You haven't guessed what that something else is?? You don't know already?? Goodness, child, where have you been hiding? But I'll tell you.

I have to wait 25 days till my four month summer trip starts.

I have said(written) that in a very calm kind of way... no "!!", no italics, no CAPITAL LETTERS, etc. BUT! You will never guess how excited I am. You'll never guess how my insides move when I think about the trip; when my Mummy and I start discussing which skirt I should sew first, or what shoes I should buy; when I receive an e-mail from a friend confirming something for me; when I receive an e-mail from some airline confirming my flight purchase. It is really very exciting!

I will be going to Holland, South Carolina, Texas, Wisconsin and Iowa, Lord willing. I am amazed at how smoothly everything is going on, and I am very grateful for everybody's help and collaboration.

As for my current life... well, it couldn't be better. They have me taking pictures of people smiling and having fun while they attend a workshop; they have me designing and printing posters to hang all over the walls, and that is so much fun!; they have me taking pictures of white boards and editing them on Photoshop so they have a white backround; I am learning so many new things! I will quote one of the movies they play: "My job, which isn't really a job, because I enjoy it so much... (...)"

Tomorrow is going to be an awesome day!! My old class mates organized a fashion show to collect enough money for their end-of-year trip. I attended last year's fashion show, and it was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! To me it was like a professional event. They go around the local clothes shops (formal, wedding, casual, etc) and ask for them to collaborate with the show. They even get professional hair-dressers! I am so excited about it. They asked me to be the "photographer". I'm not sure I'll do OK (I will just go there to practice), but if the pictures turn out fine, I will be sure to post some!

This is it for now! Have a blessed weekend, all of you!