Saturday, 25 December 2010

Belleau Wood

I don't know if any of you have heard about the Battle of Belleau Wood. Personally, I heard about it a long time ago, and I'm still reading and searching about it.
That's not the point, though. This battle inspired this song I'm posting. I really like it, and I've listened to it today on our way back home from my Uncle's, where we spent the day. I thought it would be fitting, even though we don't have snow. Hope you like it!


Oh, the snowflakes fell in silence
Over Belleau Wood that night
For a Christmas truce had been declared
By both sides of the fight
As we lay there in our trenches
The silence broke in two
By a German soldier singing
A song that we all knew

Though I did not know the language
The song was "Silent Night"
Then I heard my buddy whisper,
"All is calm and all is bright"
Then the fear and doubt surrounded me
'Cause I'd die if I was wrong,
But I stood up in my trench
And I began to sing along

Then across the frozen battlefield
Another's voice joined in
Until one by one each man became
A singer of the hymn

Then I thought that I was dreaming
For right there in my sight
Stood the German soldier
'Neath the falling flakes of white
And he raised his hand and smiled at me
As if he seemed to say
Here's hoping we both live
To see us find a better way

Thursday, 2 December 2010


I have always admired the film companies' logos. You know, the mini clip, the mini video that comes out before the film starts, with the company's logo. Some of my favourites are:

The why I'm posting some of these videos is so you know exactly what I'm talking about, because I've no idea of the official name of the companies' "logo".
I've always admired them, and said, wow, they're so original... I would never be able to come up with such ideas! You know what, people? I was able to! But here's the weird part.
Our subconscious plays a lot with us. After a couple of days of thinking the thought once again, I had a dream, and in the dream I saw myself coming up with a logo in case some day I have my own film maker company. I was able to imagine a clip logo!! When I woke up and found out I remembered that part of the dream (as well as the rest, I'm thankful to say, because it was a beautiful dream), I was so happy, and wrote down how the clip went. I am so excited about it!
So, if I ever own a real, good movie maker, and actually know how to run it, I'll make my own clip of my own logo for my own company (unexistant, as of now, but... who knows?)