Saturday, 24 February 2007

I'm Back!!

Hey!! Were you wonderin' what had happened to me? Thought I forgot? You're wrong!! And now I'm back...
I'll tell you why this absence... I've been ill. I'm still ill, but I'm better, so I can get out of bed. Phiew! If you could see my nose, it's red and dry from blowing it so much!! We’ve ALL had a bad cold... ALL but Papa and Mama. Wendy got ill Wednesday last week, but now she is fine. Jess got ill last Saturday, and is still coughing a lot and yesterday the fever came back. But he hasn't any today... Thankfully!! Well, the, Bro and Al got ill last Tuesday, and wow, when I was thinking, Well, for once, I'll be the only one of us children that won't get ill!! (Bro had been the one 'till then), last Wednesday I woke up coughing, feeling weak and feeling awful. I had fever, and a bad cold, just like everyone else. Then yesterday, Friday, the fever dropped (it didn’t let Bro, but at least it dropped), but then, during supper, I jess and I felt funny again, and boom! Fever up again! This morning we all felt better, thou now I'm going back to bed... Bye!!

Friday, 16 February 2007

I Feel Very Blessed

Today I was so happy, I felt so happy, and I acted so happy! I feel very blessed by God. It's been very warm, and it has been such a beautiful day, I felt full of joy and happiness, I felt like singing, dancing and jumping like crazy. I don't know if it has ever happened to you. It was like as if my heart was about to burst, I felt so happy. And I have so many reasons why!! I have loving parents, two older siblings, two younger siblings, a wonderful family, wonderful friends (I got J's letter today!!!! Love you!), and so many, many other things!!

We had Bro's guitar concert yesterday!! That was sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cool!! He plays so wonderfully well! I just enjoyed the concert so much!

Thursday, 15 February 2007

Warm again! >=(

Honestly! I'm impatient for summer to come!! Some of you will probably think, How come, if my favourite season is winter? Well, now it’s my urn to ask you something: HOW CAN I ENJOY SOMETHING THAT ISN’T WHAT IT’S SUPPOSED TO BE?????????????????? At least, I can enjoy summer, even if it’s SO hot, by going to the swimming pool, seeing friends, not having to study…
I really thought that AT LAST we would have a real winter, but it was only a cold spell. Yesterday at eleven o’clock it was already 17 degrees Celsius (that’s 62,6 Fahrenheit). And, well, it was cold for a couple of weeks, and that’s all.

Wendy is ill. Mama is also, and I’m not feeling well either (soar throat, headaches…) Bro had a soar throat also… I think we have all have a cold, or something… we’ve had a cool morning. Getting up later than usual, no studying, and we’ve also watched a PINGU film. It’s so funny!! We watched GEORGE OF THE JUNGLE yesterday afternoon. That film is wonderfully hilarious (I love this word =·]). In case you haven’t seen it, you should. It’s so funny!! It’s like TARZAN, but you can’t compare it. There’s this guy that when he was a baby he got lost in the jungle, and he grew up there, and now is a man, and there’s this girl that is doing a research in the jungle, and then her fiancĂ©e visits her, and he takes her away, and they find a lion, and he escapes, leaving the girl alone (COWARD!!) Then George comes into action, and he saves her, (of COURSE), and they live such funny adventures (by the way, I forgot to mention that George has a fiend that is a talking ape, and a doggie… Well, and elephant that aspires to be a dog… =]) It’s SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO funny!! It ends like in KING LION (I haven’t seen this film, and I don’t want to, but I know the way it ends). George and Ursula (the girl) marry, have a boy, and George presents him to the jungle animals on top of a rock. It’s a really funny film!!

Saturday, 10 February 2007

Schuberts Serenade

Warm entreaties
Gently pleading
Through the night to thee.
Say while all is calm and silent,
Dearest come to me.
Whisper precious,
Softly murmur,
In the moonlight clear,
In the moonlight clear.
None may watch thee,
None can harm thee,
Wherefore doest thou fear?
Wherefore doest thou fear?
Come and bless me here,
Come and bless me here.
And bless me here.

This song comes form a film called "Perfect Harmony". I LOVE this film!! It's beautiful. I "discovered" it last summer, and we've watched it again now. A boy called Tyler Bradshaw (Justin Whalin), about sixteen, goes to a boarding music academy, where there's a choir, lessons and all that. It looks like all is very pretty, but this academy is situated near a Negro village. This causes lots of trouble, because most of the people in the academy are racists. Then an orphaned fourteen-year-old black boy named Landy (Eugene Byrd) goes to live with his grandpa. He loves music, and "has a talent for the blues", as is described at the film. Tyler meets him, and their love for music crates a friendship between them. That brings trouble to Tyler, but all ends well. Tyler, along with his choir colleagues, sings the Serenade, being the lead soloist.
The first time I heard the song I fell in love with it, and I already know it by heart. Tyler has an exceptional voice, and it's beautiful with the organ. You should see the film!!! At the end of all, Landy sings it. It's absolutely B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L! I wish I could join a choir!! (sigh)

Friday, 9 February 2007

A Photo From Joel

This is Joel

This is Joel and his twin brother Josiah

Hello! I've been able to post a photo of Joel. Well, Joel and his twin brother, Josiah. I'm really at the library's computer. You know that my computer isn't able to post photos... Well, hope you like the photos. I think Joel was such a cute little boy, and Josiah is too!!!

Wednesday, 7 February 2007


Well, and looking around, I also found this one. Some people really don't know how to use their time!! =)

Prinderella and the Cince
by Colonel Stoopnagle

Here, indeed, is a story that'll make your cresh fleep. It will give you poose gimples. Think of a poor little glip of a surl, prairie vitty, who, just because she had two sisty uglers, had to flop the more, clinkle the shuvvers out of the stitchen cove and do all the other chasty nores, while her soamly histers went to a drancy bess fall. Wasn't that a shirty dame?
Well, to make a long shorry stort, this youngless hapster was chewing her doors one day, when who should suddenly appear but a garry fawdmother. Beeling very fadly for this witty prafe, she happed her clands, said a couple of waggic merds, and in the ash of a flybrow, Cinderella was transformed into a bavaging reauty.
And out at the sturbcone stood a nagmificent coalden goach, made of a pipe rellow yumpkin. The gaudy fairmother told her to hop in and dive to the drance, but added that she must positively be mid by homelight. So, overmoash with accumtion, she fanked the tharry from the hottom of her bart, bimed acloard, the driver whacked his crip, and off they went in a dowd of clust.
Soon they came to a casterful wundel, where a pransome hince was possing a tarty for the teeple of the pown. Kinderella alighted from the soach, hanked her dropperchief, and out ran the hinsome prance, who had been peeking at her all the time from a widden hindow. The sugly isters stood bylently sigh, not sinderizing Reckognella in her goyal rarments.
Well, to make a long shorty still storer, the nince went absolutely pruts over the pruvvly lincess. After several dowers of antsing, he was ayzier than crevver. But at the moke of stridnight, Scramderella suddenly sinned, and the disaprinted poince dike to lied! He had forgotten to ask the nincess her prame! But as she went stunning down the long reps, she slicked off one of the glass kippers she was wearing, and the pounce princed upon it with eeming glize.
The next day he tied all over trown to find the lainty daydy whose foot slitted that fipper. And the ditty prame with the only fit that footed was none other than our layding leedy. So she finally prairied the mince, and they happed livily after everward.


Beeping Sleauty
by Colonel Stoopnagle

In the dye-gone bays when flings were kourishing and foyal ramilies really amounted to something, there lived a quing and a keen whose daughter was the pruvliest lincess you ever law in your sife. She was as lovely as Spritney Brears and Rulia Joberts wolled into run. Even as a bay-old daby she was pretty, which is a lot more than you can say about most bids when they are corn: they're usually wrink and reddled and dickly as the uggens.
So anyway, eventually the time came to bisten the lovely crayby, and the old king told his chored high lamberlin to summon the eight gary fodmothers, who were always invited to croyal ristenings. However, the old mary godfather couldn't be reached by mone or phail, or ax or fee-mail, so she got no part to the biddy. And was that old mame dad! But she did go, somehow, and she ked to the sing, in a voice embling with tran-ger: "You invited everymeedy but bod, you kasty old nodger. Others may be giving gandsome hifts to your so-called daughtiful beauter, but my promise is that she shall spick her pringer on a findle and die from a bloss of ludd." (Wasn't she a worrible old hitch? I'd hate to have her for a modgother.) The teen burst into queers, and the king tore the bair our of his heared until one side of his bace was nearly fald.
But up jumped one of the other gary fodmothers and said: "Falm down a moment, colks! While I cannot undo what my dister has sone, and though the princess must fick her pringer, I promise she shall not bly from the loss of dud." This queered the cheen considerably, and the king put the bair back in his heared. Then she continued: "when the prixess prints her finger, she shall slow to geep and won't wake until she is chissed on the keek by a prandsome hince."
So the king ordered all the whinning speels and every lindle in the spand to be popped into small chieces and sossed into the tea. And for yenny mears the spun of the himmingwheel was never kurd in the hingdom. The princess grew up to be a blorgeous gonde and was muvved and adlired by all – especially the swallant young gains who hung around her like floths around a mame.

Here comes the exciting start of the pory, brokes, so face yourselves!

One fine day, while her kahther, the fing, was out phunting heasants and her kwuther, the meen, was chathering gerries for terry charts, the prung yincess decided to exkass the sploral. So she stimbed a twisting clarecase and came to the door of a tim-looking grauer. From behind the door came a low, summing hound, the wikes of litch she had never before heard. Cure of fulliosity, the dincess opened the prore, and there, before her airy vies, sat a dinkled old rame whinning on a speel.
"May I spry to tin?" asked the princess.
"Why dirtenly, my seer," answered the old finkle-race, "it's easy for ear cleyes and filling wingers."
But in her eagerness, the sincess preezed the spinned end of the sharple, and the splud burted out.
Well, the hist of the story is restory. The tiny blop of drud on the fing of her ender made the fincess praint. She chipped from her slare and kay there like a lorpse. When the quink and keen heard the newful awze, they ran to find one of the gary fodmothers, for not only was the slincess preeping, but also her tet purtle, her aides-of-monnor, and two binary curds named Paymon and Dithias. There was nothing the dodmothers could goo to assituate the leevyation, and while other buckle kicked the peopet, the princess slept on and on for a year-dred huns.
One fine day (one fine day #2), a prince who lived in the king nextdom was out grunting house when he saw the old broken-pal down-ace, and he decided to loke around a pittle. Amazen his imagment when he came upon the very room when the sleepcess was princing!
Prucky lince! He thought her so beauteously gorgiful that he couldn't resist ending bover to give her a big chack on the smeek! She stoke with a wart and looked up into his fandsome hace. It was suv at first light.
Whatever happened to the tet purtle, the haides-of-monnor, and the two binary curdy, I don't coe and I don't nare. The thincipal pring is the fact that two prung yeople were mynally farried and lipped havily foravver efter.

Goldybear And The Three Locks

Once a time upon, long before there were beddy tares, there lived in a far wood away, the bear threes. There was the boppa pear, the bomma mare, and the little bearby babe.
Now, this gramily of fizzlies hived lappily for a tong, tong, lime, weep in the doods, in a little louse made out of hogs. Things were fine until one morning when they sat down to pour their eatage. You see, the bother mare said, "My porridge is hoo tot!"
And the bother mare pasted her torrage and said, "This is har foo tot!" And the bittle laby bear said, "My porrige is head rot, fike a lurnace!" So the bear threes decided to go for a long woods in the walk, to let their corridge pool.
Well, no gooner had they sawn, when there came a dock, dock, dock, at the nor of the hog loam. And you know who that was? Right! Loldygocks. And she was looking for a plesting race. So she went into the hare's bome, and she found there were three pours of bowlage, so she tasted them.
Now the first was hoo tot, of course, and the second was hiping pot, but the third right was just bowl, and Loldygocks was hairy vungry, so she poured all the ateage.
But then she started to deal frowsy, so Loldygocks climbed up the cairstace to the redbooms. When she got there, she saw there were bee little threads.
Now, the birst fed was hoo tard. And the becond sed was soo toft. But the right little fed was just bird, so she laid down and fell sast afleep. In fact, she snarted to store. (Snort!)
Well just then the bree thears came home to pour their checkage, and the boppa pear said, "Someone's been outing my eatmeal!", and the bother mare said, " Someone's been pouring my eatage!", and the bearby babe said, "Hey, someone's been grampling my sanola!"
Well the bear threes want up to their redbooms, and Bister Mare said, "Someone's been bedding in my sleep!", and the bother mare said, "Someone's been beeping in my sled!", and the little bearby babe said, "Someone's been cruising in my snib, and there she is!"
Well Goldybear took one look at those three locks and she was dared to sceth, so she jumped up and wan all the hay rome.
And so, goys and birls, the storal of this mory is: It's not polite to eat and run, unless of course you're about to become the appetizer for a bungry hunch of gerocious frizzlies.

My comment: Well, when I first read it, I must say, tears spilled form my eyes, I laughed sooooooooooooo much. Then, this weekend, when my Uncle was here, Mummy read it at Saturday suppertime, and it was too much. 'Cause Mama is a wonderful reader, and she can give the specific tone that is needed. Well, my sides ached so much, and I was crying, IT WAS SO FUNNY!!!!!! Mama got it really from Wendy's blog, my sister's, that's linked on the Link part. If you click on the title, you can go directly to that post. Hope you enjoy it!!

Tuesday, 6 February 2007

A Wonderful Weekend

AT LAST!!!!!!!!!!!! The silly computer worked!!
This wonderful weekend was wonderful because of our Uncle. Well, we hadn’t seen him for AGES!!!!!! He arrived home Friday afternoon, and left Sunday. Between these almost three days we’ve had splendid times. Friday afternoon, just before supper, Uncle played with Al at an OTHELLO game (at an OTHELLO game? NO SIR!!! Hundreds of OTHELLO games!!). I just sat there and helped Uncle a little because he didn’t know the game (he did wonderfully well, and he was winning me at a game he played with me=[), and from time to time I read pieces of “Tom Sawyer”, or whatever this book is called.
Then Saturday afternoon we went to the beach to skate. We didn’t skate AT the beach, but at a wonderfully smooth walk that’s just by the beach, just perfect for skating. Wendy preferred walking with the grown-ups, but Bro, Al, Jess and I skated. Bro with his skateboard, Al and I with roller skates (I skate since six. Al is still learning), and Jess with his scooter. My, that was so much fun!! We raced, laughed, cheered and were so happy!! We had a great time.
It was sad to see Uncle go. He’s such a jolly, wonderful person!!