Monday, 27 September 2010

Photoshoot Met Harm En Sonia

While I was in Holland, spending the last week of my four-month-trip, I had the tremendous opportunity of going out with my best friend and her boyfriend for a photoshoot.

Truth be said, I had the time of my life. Camera in hand, best friend with me, and getting to know her incredible boyfriend. What else can I ask for? The couple was so much fun to work with, and so cooperative. I really enjoyed seeing them so happy together. =)

Anyway, want a sneek-peek? ^^ Registered & Protected Registered & Protected

They're so cute together! I'm so happy for Sonia! Want to see some more? Click HERE!

Friday, 24 September 2010

Home Secrets

This video is a family favourite. It's one of my favourite Disney shorts. And... know you're home with your crazy siblings when you start imitating hens and pigs and ducks while clearing the supper table. Check out minute 1:20, 2:18, 4:17 and 6:08. We know the song off by heart!
I love my siblings, by the way. =) ♥

Wednesday, 22 September 2010


As the title may suggest, I have made a commitment! I'm goind to post in both blogs at least once a week. =) I will try to find something to post about on this blog, and I have more than enough pictures to post on my PhotoBlog. So!
Commitment made, commitment kept (hopefully :P).

Thursday, 16 September 2010

Washing the Dishes by Mummy

I the model, my mother the artist. Registered & Protected

I was very rewarded when my Mummy noticed even the hour of the night in which I washed the dishes for her a couple nights ago. She even included my singing! Isn't she a darling? ♥

Monday, 13 September 2010


Aren't some things ironic? When I'm away from home, I long for a hug from my parents. When I'm here... I long for snowy winter days in flat land.

Friday, 10 September 2010

Home, Sweet Home

And so, my four month trip has come to an end.

I can't believe this is over. It seems like it was yesterday that my parents called me down to the kitchen and told me, "Yes! You can go! You can start making plans." It seems like it was yesterday that I phoned and e-mailed all my friends telling them my exciting news. Whoa, where has time gone? 3rd of May is as fresh in my mind as if I were living it today. *Sighs*

This trip has been incredible. I can't even start to explain how much it has helped me to grow personally and spiritually, and it has been such a huge gift to be able to meet all my pen-friends!

Things haven't really changed here. My bedroom is still a mess [grin, just kidding].

Well, some things have.

No, seriously. My little big brother is a head taller than me, and his voice has changed to a deep, low manly voice that I really like. That is one huge change that I have to get used to. But we're still as close as before... or should I say, we're closer than ever? After my darling Mummy and youngest brother had picked me up from the airport (the latter repeating that I was the best present ever, because it recently was his birthday, although I'm wondering if he really meant it as a hint :P), we went my little big brother from school, and when he saw me he smiled and hugged me in front of all his friends! That was so special to me =)

The other big change that almost broke my heart was the news that Black Jack, my favourite kitten, ran away a couple of months ago. It really made me sad, but Scotty, our other kitten (he's well over two years old now, but I can't stop calling him my kitty) remembered me, and that same night, when I went outside to just think, he came over and plopped himself on my lap.

Let me add something to this post: even though I miss my friends terribly and I wish I were back in Holland, I LOVE BEING HOME!

After picking up my brother from school we went home. The house was still painted yellow. The flowers still invaded the garden/yard, and Skitty was still slumbering in the shade. It almost looked exactly as I had left it four months ago. But...! Surprise! There were two balloons at the gate. And once I had gone into the house, I saw balloons ALL over the place, and hand-made garlands hanging from the lights and the ceilings, and posters with "Welcome Home, Anna!" all over the place. Do you wonder why it's good to be home? It made me feel so good inside. My family had really looked forward to my coming back, and are really making me feel welcome.

They're so awesome. :)

You know, it's also lots of fun to introduce the new treasures I have to the old ones I had. I hope they get along fine when I'm not in the room!

And so, as someone said somewhere, this is the end of my trip... but it's also another beginning. Thank God. ♥