Saturday, 12 June 2010


  Nevaeh had the thought of picking up her pen for the umpteenth time that day, but somehow something finally made her decide against it. After all, she was trying to sleep, and it was past midnight.

   Why on earth wouldn't she write, she wondered to herself. She had so much to write about, so much worth penning down. Nevaeh thought about that for a while... pick up a pen to pen something down. Interesting.

   But after all, what was the use of spending four months away from home if she didn't write about it? All the experiences and adventures lived would be only known to herself and her memory, but...

   Were they really worth the effort? Were they worth sharing with, say, the closest acquaintances? She thought, suddenly, of the thrill someday, if it happened, her daughters would feel when reading a certain small, red book of hers...

   So she picked up her pen, after all.

Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Remembering A Forgotten Blog

A month has come and gone in Holland. In two days I catch a fligh to the United States of America! I am very excited about that flight. I enjoy flying in general, but whoa... flying to the States! o.O

I am a bit at loss at how to write this post. I don't know where to start, nor what to write about. Time in Holland has been a very busy one, full of outings and meetings with friends I met last time I was here. I admit I should have written on this blog before, but I lacked time and motivation. When I though, Oh, I have to write on my blog! the computer wasn't available, and if, by any chance, it was, I procastinated and told myself I would write whenver I felt like it.

Well, to be honest with you all, this is not the time. I am quite lost; I have what most people like to call writer's block, or should I call it blogger's block? Whatever its name, I do NOT feel like writing right now, but I feel I must write. So here I am, sitting on a chair and facing the screen, with my fingers on the black keyboard.

And a blank mind.

Nevertheless, I want you all to know that I am flying in two days, so I would appreciate your prayers for safety! Pray especially for my sense of direction... I have this feeling I will get lost in the layover airport. :P

And so, beloved readers, here I leave you, until I have a little bit more of inspiration.