Friday, 21 December 2012

Mountains and Sea

Wherever I looked, my surroundings were beautifully green and vivid, but also uncomfortably humid and stuffy. A constant, light drizzle insisted on falling as we made our way towards my friends grandmothers old finca. As I was climbing the steep, rocky path with my black backpack stuffed with clothes, two books, a Bible, and several other things on my back, and carrying a heavy bag full of kitchen utensils, first with my right hand, and then with my left, all the time I was singing the habaneraMare, Vull Ser Pescadorin my head. Sometimes I would forget myself and even sing out loud. A un poble de pescadors, entre el mar i la muntanya

I have no idea why that particular song was stuck in my head. I was going up a Colombian hill, and the surrounding area, steep, grassy, rocky and alive with different sounds and colours could hardly remind me of the seashore. It was too far off that picture. However, on I trudged, short of breath and sweating, or glowing, as my Mum would say, under the layers of extra clothes, but happily murmuring Mare, vull ser pescador, vull ser pescador i no frare, que sóc fill de pescador, i malgrat el teu dolor jo tinc les venes saladesmare, vull fer-me a la mar, mare, vull fer-me a la mar, i que em bressin les onades

No one seemed to mind my breathless humming.They probably didnt hear it, anyway. Everyone was too busy carrying their load and minding not to slip.

Such a walk! Such an experience! Still, the most vivid memory of it all, besides the spectacular flowers and the exertion of that loaded twenty minute trek uphill, was singing that song and wistfully remembering the beautiful, lulling sound of the foamy waves crashing on the shores back home.

Wednesday, 19 December 2012


As winter break approaches and I look forward to my next trip, I also am very excited about the free time it will provide, free time which will be used to work on this autumn's pictures!
I have been so busy studying these three months I have hardly had time to spend on other things. This is why most of the summer pictures from Colombia and most of the pictures I've taken lately have not yet seen the light of day. So much so that I have not even gotten the SD card out of the camera to check out the pictures I've taken these past two months.
Oh well! That will soon change, hopefully! :D You should soon visit my photoblog, just sayin'!