Wednesday, 24 September 2008

My Sister's Comment

"I bet you he likes her."

Monday, 22 September 2008

A Little History

Every new day is one I can rejoice in the Lord.

Even when I have to get up early and spend ten hours at school non-stop.

It's been about this this past week... just waking up, dressing, having breakfast, kissing Mummy and Papa goodbye, and off we go to an awful place called "High School"
At first it was dreadful, I got so depressed. But now I am thankful because it's teaching me a lot of things. The Lord is using it to teach me a lot of patience, and I am growing so close to Him thanks to school. I am also very much closer to my younger brother... we spend the whole lunch hour-and-a-half together.
And now I am studying hard, and cherishing the time with my family and friends more than ever! It was never so precious to me.

Thanks to everybody for your prayers! They have helped me a lot.

Wednesday, 10 September 2008

More Cats

Here are more cat pictures! Enjoy!




Nuba likes to hide under jeans' legs.

The Three Musketeers...





The Three Musketeers again...

And my sweet Nuba!


"I ascend unto my Father, and your Father; and to my God, and your God."
John 20:17

What privilege and joy it is that, through His grace, we are able to call Him our Father, our God!

Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Rainy Day

Hello, everyone!
I was just arranging and sorting out my photo CD's, when I stumbled on a folder with some pictures I thought maybe you would like.
They are from a walk we had around our neighbourhood, on a very rainy day around April or so. Mummy always likes to go for a walk when it rains.
So well, enjoy the photos!

A rose...

Pink flowers

What we call coconut flower. They smell like them.

These are called after rabbit ears. :)

A bunch of flowers.

A nice puddle...

A friendly gnome who didn't seem to mind the rain very much.

I like this white flower very much!

Some kind of daisy...

Monday, 1 September 2008

Introducing Scotty, Nuba And Aluya

Three new cats! There is no end to introductions, it seems!

Long story. Shall I make it shortish?

We have this friend from England who owns a house. She rents it to English holiday-ers. This summer some of those came to her house. We had a tremendous thunder storm. They had no power or light. Our friend phoned us from the airport via England, telling us. My parents went and helped them out.
Last Sunday they phoned us. We went. They explained. One of the girls had gone to throw away the trash. She had heard noises. They looked in there. They found five kittens in a bag, in another bag full of rubbish. Two dead, three hardly alive.

We decided to keep them! :D Two females and one male. Besides the fact that I have become a mother cat, and have to feed them every three hours, keep them warm, and plenty more things, I am enjoying them soooo much!

So enjoy the couple of photos I've uploaded... they are so sweet! ^^

The three kitties, sleeping peacefully. The happy one with its tummy in the air is a female, Aluya. The one on the far left is a male, Scotty, and the one in the middle, the one that isn't tigerish, and has two colours, is another female, which I named Nuba.

Aluya, sleeping, (lazy thing...)

Another lazy thing... Scotty on my brother's lap.

And last, but not least, my favourite, Nuba! I think she'll be mine... ;]

Well, how did you like my little kitties? (Proud meowing, purring voice of a human mother cat)