Thursday, 27 September 2007

Kalina and Dalina the Leeks

Kalina and Dalina the Leeks are twins. Let us start by Kalina.

Kalina uses lipstick, and she likes to have her hair (leaves) in a pony tail, with a red bow. She doesn’t like dresses, but always wears a skirt and a T-shirt with a pink bee printed on it.
Kalina usually dislikes jewlery but she has a beautiful necklace which her boyfriend gave her that she always has on. She likes dancing and country music, she likes studying physics but hates Maths and Languages, and is very bad at singing and at taking care of children.

Dalina always wears cowboy jeans and boots, and a sky-blue-and-sun-yellow stripped blouse. Her hair (leaves) is always loose, even when it’s very windy or very hot. She hates cosmetics but paints her nails white with chalk. She has two rings from her grandmother, is boyfriendless and LOVES to sing and play harp. Dalina likes to yoodle like they do in the Alps, and opera. She is good at Biology and Languages, but is like her sister (NO, I’m not! She’s like me!) in Maths. She keeps mice for pets, and enjoys babysitting.

Don’t ask me… I was told to write an essay about “Character Development” and to “choose a vegetable and create a character from it”, and to “be as silly as you like!”. So I did this up…
Favourite, anyone?

Monday, 24 September 2007

Psalms 125:1-2

They that TRUST in the Lord shall be as MOUNT ZION which cannot be REMOVED, but abideth FOR EVER.
As the mountains are round about Jerusalem, so the Lord is round about HIS PEOPLE from henceforth even FOR EVER.

These two verses have always been a blessing to me. Whenever my mind was troubled about something, or I was worried, I just had to think about these two verses, and I was comforted. The Lord is around us FOR EVER! How wonderful is His word, how wonderful He is!!

Friday, 21 September 2007


Today is my darling brother's birthday!!
He's now a big boy of eleven, so handsome, and almost as tall as me!! :S That is something I don't like very much... :D
Well, here go 11 funny/unknown/random facts about him!

1. He's my brother! (Weren't they supposed to be random or funny, or unknown? But I HAD to say so, I'm so proud of it!!)
2. He is exactly three years, four months, seventeen days and ten hours younger than me.
3. He loves biking.
4. He likes Tom and Jerry.
5. He was born at twenty past two p.m. (can you guess what hour I was born, by this?).
6. He starts laughin while he explains jokes, before he finishes them!! :D
7. He loves reading adventure books.
8. He's lived in three diffrent houses.
9. He has melting brown eyes.
10. He knows how to imitate very well Lola Bunny, Bugs Bunny's "girl friend".
11. He's eleven!

Dear, I'm so glad God gave me you as a brother!! I LOVE YOU!!!!!

New Post!!

Well, my dear readers, here I am.
I haven't been posting lately (and I DO have a good enough reason! ;]) because school started Wednesday last week, and with that, music, helping Mama around the house and everything, there wasn't much time to spend on my blog... :(
Well, but here I am.
So far I am enjoying my 9th grade, I find it very interesting. Specially Biology... I just LOVE Biology, and to learn new things about God's creation... really, the more I learn the more amazed I am! I am studying about cells, and am enjoying it inmensly.
Social Studies, Math, Language (English, Spanish and Catalan, maybe including French in the future, :]), Nature Studies, Technology, Writin, and something more I'm SURE I'm forgetting include my studies this year. Oh, yeah, I was forgetting Physics!! That's what I'm going to study this year, and I'm sure I'm going to enjoy it...
These are all the news for now! Love to everybody!

Tuesday, 11 September 2007

Two Books

I have lately read two books that really had an impact on me.

The first one was “The Persecutor”, also known as “Forgive Me, Natasha” (the old version). Written by Sergei Kourdakov, a strong Comunnist since a young age, and later a persecutor of the Christian faith. He did his job well, too. Christian people suffered very much under his hand. But mostly, this books shows God’s love, forgiveness and mercy towards sinners… after saving him with a miracle (he was escaping from Russia, and had to swim in a terrible storm from a boat to Canadian coasts. He spent five hours in the freezing water, and survived!), Sergei converted to Christianity. I wept while reading this book.
Sergei was killed at the day he turned twenty-two… on his birthday.

The second book was about a missionary called Gladys Aylward. This book also is a beautiful book about God’s wonderful care to His people. Gladys went to China, and did great things. She worked faithfully, keeping her faith in the Lord, and lived through the Japanese war. She saved hundreds of orphan children, and helped wherever she went. She became a great friend of the Mandrin who ruled where she lived, and also helped to destroy the law of bounding feet of all women and girls. She did a great job in China, and this books was one I enjoyed tremendously, and I was very amazed at how great a work she did!

I recommend these books to anyone who likes to read.

Thursday, 6 September 2007

One Of My Favourite Singers

This is Jean-Baptiste Maunier, one of my favourite singers, and Clemence, a very good singer indeed, though not one of my favourite singers...
I love Jean-Baptiste's voice, it's beautiful!! Hope you enjoy it.

Tuesday, 4 September 2007

A New Blog

Ladies and Gentlemen, I am writing this post today to make official the announcement of a new blog I have. Quite a lot of my friends are Spanish, and while trying to read this blog, most of them didn't understand a thing (exept some, I know!!)
So I decided to make a blog in Spanish. Everyone is welcome to it, and I hope I'll make it nice and interesting, only I hope that YOU understand Spanish as well as English. :D
To view my Spanish blog, please click on the name below:

Un Sitio Llamado Gemma

Enjoy! I hope you'll like it.

Saturday, 1 September 2007

A New Experience

Today I did something I hadn't done before, not even helping. I bathed Machli!! Well, I hadn't bathed a dog in my life before, so it was quite new to me, and lots of fun!
I had to dress in the oldest clothes I had, and then I began to prepare the bath we have outside for things like this. I filled it with water from the hose, and took the collar off Machli. But it wasn’t all that easy... somehow, Machli hates water, and when she saw that I was filling the bath she escaped! So, I had to chase her, and pick her up so she wouldn’t run away.
So I got the hose, and placed Machli IN the bath. Once in there, she was a good dog, and didn’t run away. I wet her all over, and then I got the special shampoo on her. I scrubbed, and scrubbed, and rubbed all over her body, carefully, though, because I was scared I would hurt her. Machli got cold, and began to tremble, so then I rinsed her, and with a towel I rubbed her again dry, and she stopped trembling.
Then came the brushing. Once she was quite dry, I brushed her all over, and right now she looks white and brown, and quite pretty!
It was fun to bathe her, and I’m waiting for the next time!
Now we’re going for a walk to pick blackberries, so if I can, I’ll tell you about it when we come back.

Post #100!!

Hey! Did you know this post is post number 100?!?!
I thought I wouldn't do it in less than a year... because this blog will be 1 year old next Novembre. And it's cool!