Wednesday, 30 May 2007

They Are Gone...

...but they'll come back! Our Uncle and Auntie and Cousin left today at about six a.m., and I was in bed by then, so I didn't get to say good-bye, but we had a nice time together yesterday after supper...
Oh, I forgot telling you! Auntie and Uncle bought a little present for each of us from England! Oh, I was so exited... as well as the Big Bag, as I call all the yummy food presents! We do have wonderful uncles... It's so nice that God gave me such loving and wonderful relatives... They are a HUGE blessing!
Well, I might as well tell you WHAT on earth was my present... Oh, I really like it! I like these kind of things... Well, they gave me a necklace and a bracelete, made of silver metal with tiny blue beads, and I tell you, these little things please me very much. I like to have nice braceletes on my wrist, ad a neckalce on my neck, and I like to adorn myself moderately.
Yesterday I talked with one of the older Cousins in England! She is a very nice girl, and I love her very much. We haven't seen each other for... well, I don't know for how long! Maybe three years??
And I talked a little with her, for I had to go to bed, but it was really nice to hear her!! And, as I said before, this morning they left before I woke up, and well... They're gone!
But Auntie invited me to spend some days next summer with them. I am praying really hard to be able to, and they said they would come if possible, and this time with all the cousins!! I'm so exited, I can't wait!! I really love them, very much!

Tuesday, 29 May 2007

A Very Nice Book

I have lately finished a book that really impressed me. My mother got a film from the library which reminded me of that book. Believe it or not, even thou I have been wanting to read it for a looooooong time, I haven't until now.
So when I got home, I quikly asked my sister if she could lend it to me, and I started reading it. Huh? Oh, sorry, I forgot to tell you what book it is! Well, have you ever heard about Anne Frank? Well, it's a book she wrote. Well, it isn't exactly a book, but it's kind of like it. It's her diary.
Anne Frank was a Jewish girl who lived during the period of Wolrd War II. She lived hidden for two years from the nazins. She was thirteen when she hid with her family (Parents and sister Margot), Another family (Mr. and Mrs. Van Daan* and their son Peter), and a dentist, Mr. Dussel.*
The book relates her daily life, their frights and troubles. Then one day, some days right after her fifteenth birthday, they were discovered, and carried to a concentration camp. They all died but Mr. Frank, who later was given Anne's diary. And he published it.
I really enjoyed reading the book, and guess what!! Mummy got the film from the library, and we are going to watch it next Friday (I hope). I am really very impatient, and I'll tell you how I liked the film after watching it.

*Not their real name. Anne Frank changed them.

They Are Here Again...

Great, goodie!! Just guess what! Our Uncle and Auntie and Cousin from England are here!

Two months ago our Uncle came to visit us alone after attending some conferences or meetings, and he came to spend the weekend! We had a great time, and when he left he told us that next time he would come with Auntie and possibly all the Cousins.
So last Sunday they arrived, but only with the younger cousin. the twol oldre ones had to stay home because they had important exams ahead.
And I am very happy they are here. We went to the beach and we went on the sand, and wet our feet. We even plannned to take our swimming costumes with us next time we went, but it was too windy.
My little brother found a lost dinosaur, and I built a sand-car for it... And I found a big tinker-bell. I love tinker-bells! It has like a snap, so I can just hang it on my skirt, and when I walk it sounds just so merrily, dring-dring!
Yesterday we went to visit a very old walled city which was very pretty. Uncle, Auntie, Cousin, Al and I went, for there were only five seats in Uncle's car. It was a beautiful day, but soooooooo windy!!! You walked, and you just COULDN'T walk, because the wind was to strong.
Today they are in Barcelona, they are going to have supper here, and they are going away afterwards.
It has been lots of fun, because Cousin slept with Wendy and I in our bedroom, and we talked and had a nice time before going to bed.
They brought with them a HUGE bag of sweeties from England, and lots of other yummy stuff that we can't get over here, and we are oging to have a great time until they are finished!!
Also, we joked a lot with uncle. He is a very jolly man, and lots of fun to be with! ;-)
Auntie is very cuddly, and she enjoys hugs as much as I do (THAT is a LOT!!!)!
I'll tell you more about it later. I am having a great time!

Friday, 25 May 2007


Today is my sister's birthday! And she is eighteen!! Wow, I have an adult for a sister!!
Here are eighteeen things I like about her.

1. She is my sister
2. She lends me her things, like books and music.
3. She has lovely curly and dark hair.
4. She plays the violin and the piano very well.
5. She has a very nice smile.
6. She teaches me how to dance.
7. She has wonderful ideas.
8. She helps me with my maths and physics.
9. She is very smart and a very good student.
10. She has a lovely name!
11. We look very much alike.
12. We play our instruments together.
13. She has sense of humor.
14. She is fun to be with.
15. She writes beautiful poems!
16. She isn’t easily discouraged.
17. Her eyes, behold, throw flashes as burning carbuncles ...
18. She is eghteeeeeeeeeeeeen!!!!!!

As you will probably see, I love my sister dearly. I am so thankful to God that He made it possible for me to have such a sister as she is!!!!!!!
Wendy, "I thank my God upon every remeberance of you" (Philippians 1:3)

Dear, I LOVE YOU WITH ALL MY HEART!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, 24 May 2007

A Gardening Update

Okay, I'll keep you updated about our garden.
Yesterday we finlly had our zucchinni plants planted, and they look so cute! The are in three rows, and three zuchinni plants on each of them. My younger brother planted them, and he waters them each evening. Also we have to put snail-poison around them, otherwise the sanils would eat them all up!!

The baby grapes aren’t babies anymore... Well, yes, but not SO much... I hope it rains enough this summer (which will be most unlikely), because if it doens’t the grapes won’t be so juicy and sweet. You see, the water makes the grapes grow fat and juicy. Okay, there is also the resort of watering them, but then —I believe— the grapes arn’t so tasty.

Also, this morning I discovered that Mama had some cress planted on a pot in the woodshed. I like cress very much. We used to do it when we were small, in eggs, and we painted faces on them, and then the cress was the egg’s hair! :-) Cress has to germinate in the dark, that’s why it was in the woodshed. Our woodshed is very dark, and when I go in there there is a sweet smell of wood... See if that influences on the cress’ taste for good!! ;-) Anyway, the most important reason I like cress is because it’s deliceous in a sandwich!

Ohhhhhh, you should see our rosebush this year! It had a big, beautiful dark red rose, and now it has two more!! I like roses very much, and the dark red rose is my favourite flower. When I most like a rose is early in the morning, when the tiny pearls of dew are still on its delicate petals... Oh, I like them very much! I have a photo of the first rose, and it is just beautiful. I wish I could post it... ;-(

And the apricots... They are getting so big and fat!!! Mummy is planning to do apricot jam this year, and I’m looking forward to it... because I’ll be her main helper! I love jam, especialy blackberry jam and apricot jam. Last year Mummy did such a deliceous blackberry jam... Now just fell the pleasure of eating a deliceous, sun-cloured apricot... feel its sweet taste, the tact of its smooth sking, and the let its juice dribble down your chin... Oh, I can’t wait for them to be ripe!!! What I like about apricots, also, is that in one side they are sun-coloured, and in the othere like a soft pink... Well, surely you’ve arrived to the conclusion that I like apricots!!

Mummy and I have had a couple of sneezing days... And guess why? The olive trees have flowers... and by hundreds!! When I hang the washing outside, they sometimes are yellow, because of the pollen. And the ground is also yellow, not because fo the pollen, this time, but because of the quantity of fallen flowers!!!

Well, when I have something else to tell about our gardening business, I’ll post something...

Tuesday, 22 May 2007

Another Concert

You can’t guess what wonderful time we had last Saturday night!
Last week, Wednesday, I met my flute teacher and another girl (named like me, by the way) who also plays the flute, to prepare for the End of Year Concert. We are going to play together, and I’m really looking forward to the 15th of June!! Anyway, we were talking while I waited for Papa to come and get me, and while we did, we talked baout concerts (funny!)
My flute teacher told Gem and Gem that a a concert for Cello and Orchestra was to ver given next Saturday at… ten p.m.!! I pricked my ears up instantly… A cello concert! Wow, that wasn’t something to be missed! But at ten p.m…. That was something I would have to talk with my parents.
My Papa told me that he was very tired, and Mama wasn’t able to take us, but if my flute teacher could take us (my sister and I) to the concert, we could go! So dear me, you could see me waiting for three days impatiently looking forward to Saturday… Thursday… only two days left! Friday… One day left… Saturday… Some hours left!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Anyway, when eight struck, Wendy and I began to prepare. I washed my hair, we dressed, (I wore my new lilac skirt with a black blouse), and we had supper. I took my purse. My best friend gave it to me last birthday, and I save it for very special occasions, like concerts and Sundays and parties and such.
So it was half past nine, and we waited impatiently for the “taxi” to come and get us and finally!, it got here!
When we got to the Conservatory, we quickly went in and surprise! We had seats on the second row! Wow, from there we could see everything, and there was a girl who played the violin who had beautiful long hair!!
There were two pieces for cello and orchestra and the soloists played really well. I enjoyed it very much.
Anyway, what I think was very funny is that when we were going out we saw the second soloist… Or at least we thought so! We went to her, and congratulated her, but, “Oh, it’s not me, it’s my twin sister!” My, that was a surprise!
The way back was very funny and cheerful, and we arrived home at quarter to one… :S And went to bed at one!
I like concerts!

I Got Them! I Got Them!

I’ve been wanting to post this post for a looooooong time… well, to be precise, five days. But in a way, that’s a lot of time to wait to tell you this so important news… I ALREADY HAVE MY BEST FRIEND’S PRESENTS!! I got them last Thursday, and I wanted to post a post on Friday, but I didn’t get time, and also, on Saturday… either! Sundays are computer-free days, and yesterday I was too busy also. And now… FINALLY!
Okay, I’ll tell you what they are.
That evening I was under pressure… :P You see, I had to do supper, and then my Papa arrived with the shopping and the post… And my presents!! It was a medium sized parcel, wrapped in brown paper. And… *sigh of exasperation* I HAD TO WAIT UNTILL I HAD FINISHED SUPPER TO OPEN THEM!!! You see why I was under pressure? Anyway, it was a wonder that I managed not to poison the food while I was cooking it, for I was thinking all the time about the presents, not caring if what I was adding to the soup was salt or pepper… ;-) And so I finally finished, and was able to open the presents!!
I quikly went to the living-room where Jan the Teddy Bear was guardin the parcel, and I quickly tore the brown paper. Inside was a box, a very pretty box, by the way, with peaches (or pears??) and leaves printed sll over it, and when I opened it… Wonders! I found four presents carefully wrapped and protected in rose wrapping paper (beutiful paper!), and a card! So first I read the card… Jey is just too cute! She made it herself. And then I opened the first present… An adress book! I had been wanting one for ages, and was planning to buy one, and then… surprise!!
The next present was in a flat red box, and wrapped carefully in it, was… A wonderful key-ring with my name!! My, I must have I don’t know how many key-rings! I collect them, you know. That was a very pretty gift. J
Then the next present I opened was a beautiful china doll dressed in green, named Queen Emmerald May (I named this way, but it really is dressed in green because she is a May china doll, and May’s stone is the emmerald). I was really very happy to get Emmerald. With two EMMS!
When I was about to open the fourth present, I smelled it first. Mama laughs at me because I have this habbit of smelling everything. I guide myself by the smell… ;-) Anyway, you just can’t guess how deliceous it smelled! I quickly opened it, and oh, Wonders again!! A cherry candle! I love smelly candles, when I light them they leave such a deliceous arome in our bedroom… But I don’t think I’ll use this one, it’s too nice and I don’t want to finish it.
A funny thing about me is, my favourite drink is apple juice, but my favourite fruit is cherry. How can you figure this out?? :S
I phoned Jey that evening to say thank you and chat for a while, and if you hand’t noticed yet, I am very happy to have friends, and I love Jey!!

Tuesday, 15 May 2007

A Concert Just For Fun

This afternoon has been rather …ahem… amusing.
Since you know, Mummy has one foot plastered, and gets exasperated because she can’t move or do anything. So yesterday, by surprise, Wendy… Okay, let me begin at the beggining. Yesterday was a lazy day… We were all very tired so we got up kind of later than usual. We also have, as you know, Wendy’s friend, Raquel, here, so we all have like holidays. We do study, but not SO much… :S So I was writing, my two younger brothers were playing at Raquel’s portable computer, she was on Wendy’s bed, and so was Wendy. So, out by surprise, she declared that we were going to have a concert for Mama this afternoon! We got everything ready in a little more than twenty-four hours… I didn’t know we could do that!! Anyway, we chose nice music pieces, songs, duets and… well, you know, everything needed for a concert.
This afternoon you could see Wendy swish in front of you, placing the piano in an elegant position, all of us tuning our instruments (flute, violin, and two recorders; the piano isn’t exactly …ahem… tuned, but it had to do), and finally half past five came.
We walked down the stairs and bowed. I was the first one, then my youngest brother, then Raquel, then Al, and finally Wendy. We got hands, and bowed… which, if anybody’s seeen our living room, was quite a fact, considering the size of it… :-)
Youngest brother played first… two little pieces on piano. Oh, he looked so cute! He was just too much, he is such a dear little boy! Then I played… A little but a very nice Israelian piece called “Donna, donna”, and then Al played two pieces on piano from his piano book, called “Goin’ Fishin’”, and “Slumber Boat”. Finally Raquel played three beautiful pieces on piano, a Valse and a piece called “Nocturna”, and I don’t remember what else… :S She is a really good player, and she is studying to be a professional concertist. I really admire her! All these solos took half an hour, and at six we stopped, and had like a refreshment, a snak, where we served and had tea, and ate something. Then just before starting the second part of the concert (duets, trios and pieces together), our neighbour came to the concert. The first piece was a voice one, called Krinitsa where we only “uh-uhed”, but we had diffrent melodies. Then Wendy and I played a piece called “Reichtum Ist Nicht Für Alle”, which means, “Riches aren’t for all”, and I like it very much. Then I played a duet with Raquel for piano and flute, the “Minuet in G” by Bach, and then Wendy and Raquel did a duet… Raquel at the piano, and Wendy singing. Wendy has a beautiful voice! Then Wendy and I played a duet by flute and recorder. It is very short, but it’s very cute… It’s called “Air de Trois Notes”, and then, Raquel, Wendy and I played a piece together from “Les Choristes” called “Vois Sur Ton Chemin”, with Raquel at the piano, Wendy at the violin and I at the flute, and the last of lasts, Wendy and Raquel played a beautiful Sonata, which I also took part in by turning the pages! Alltogether we had a wonderful time, and it took an hour and a half! We calculated that it wouldn’t take more than an hour… :S
They also asked for “encores”, so Al played one, Raquel also, and so did Wendy. Mummy told us she had had a wonderful time, and I am glad she did, for we organized this “concert” to amuse her!

Monday, 14 May 2007

A Kinda Stressing Week

I didn't really realize how hard it is to be a Mummy until now, and now was all of a sudden. Well, I guess that when I marry, I'll be more capable, for I'll be older and I will only have to care for my husband and I, and as (hopefully) babies come, I'll gradually get used to take care of a larger family. But... To be fourteen and be a "mummy" so suddenly to seven people (icluding the real Mummy) is kind of hard. I've liked this week, and I consider it a lesson from the Lord. As Mummy sat on the sofa last Wednseday, I had just finished doing the lunch dishes and went to sit with her. So I asked, "Mummy, I wonder what purpose God has in letting you brake your foot." I personally think that over all of the possibilities, a lesson of patience is above all. For both Mummy and us children. Mummy doesn't like being ALL the day sitting on the sofa (and mark it, she'll have to have the plaster until June!), and she gets kind of tired of it. And I have learned a lot of patience, for, instead of having my normal free times, I had work to do, and sometimes I would get angry inside of me, and do the work grumbling.
Last Friday evening was a funny evening. Now I think about it I laugh. My older brother was washing the dishes or something alike, and I had to do supper, dry the dishes and put away the huge shopping we'd done that afternoon. So I dried some dishes, and placed the rest of the wet ones on a towel so Bro would have place to put the washed ones. Then I stirred the rice and I would get pineapple tins and put them away. The I would stirr the rice again, and dry some more dishes. Then I would get tomato sauce bricks and I would put them away, and stirred the rice again, later getting the cereal packs in their plce. Then I would dry the rest of the dishes, stirr the rice and get the vegetables on the vegetble-shelf. I would stirr the rice again, and dry some more dishes, and so on. You can imagine me laughing at me right now.
This Friday evening is an example day. I think that to be a Mummy is nice, but also a GREAT responsability.
The normal day of this week was... I woke up early, like always, and had breakfast, dress myself, make my bed... and all the rest of morning arrangements. Then I would wake up the little ones, and help them do the same. Then I went out and did a little gardening. We had to do it quite ealry, because even at eight a.m. in the morning it was already hot, and we already have "baby" grapes, and "baby" zuchini plants! The petunias are beautiful this year, and also the snapdragons are getting wonderful. Mama is planning to plant watermelons too.
Then I would go in, and shower, and then, at nine, we would start studying, with our daily Proverbs chapter. I would study until one p.m., and start lunch. At quarter to two Papa would come home, and eat lunch. Then, he would leave at quarter past three, and at half past the older ones would arrive home from college. After they had lunch, we washed the dishes, and at four I would start studies again until six. At six, if by any chance I didn't have to hang washing or iron or any other lose chore (which I usually enjoy doing), I would have my free time. Then at eight I would have to stop whatever I was doing an start supper. The little ones had supper first, and the the older ones (which I, as a fourteen year-old, was included... *giggles* You will soon get tired of my "FOURTEENS", but I am so exited about them!), and then I would normally have at least an hour of free time after the dishes and before going to bed.
Now that I think about it, I used to think that we had kind of boring day, but now, I realize that actually, there isn't any time to get bored!! :)
I was forggeting... The parakeets are also a "new chore"... They are really Mummy's, so until now, since they are hers, she liked to take care of them and feed them. But now it's our job, for she can't do it... =( But they are really amusing. They are talking and shrieking continually, and I sometimes feel like just bursting with laughter when I feed them. And do you know what? Mummy was saying the other day that she would like to have rabbits... I would really like to too!
Then, last Saturday our friends the "Twin Family" came. I call them this way becuase they have a pair of twins that are great friends of mine. Also one of Wendy's friends came to spend the week with us. You see, the two older ones, as I said before, go to college, and they had the "End of Year Trip" this week, but they didn't go, so they have holidays for a week, and so Wendy's friend came. So we have extra help during this week... =)
Anyway, we are really good friends with the twins, they are also fourteen (but not for long. Next month they'll be fifteen! Not fair!), and we did a lot of gardening together, and we cooked together, and we washed the plates together, and we slept together! Oh, that was most fun! Because when they come and spend the week-end with us, we sleep alone, and we stay talking for hours and hours until late at night... Not really, but we stay up until maybe twelve or one a.m. maybe. They left Sunday afternoon, but Wendy’s friend is still here.
And THIS is why I haven't been posting anything on my blog for more'n a week!
And I almost forgot to mention the most (or almost) important thing... I have four more presents! All from the Twin family... One is a pair of new flip-flops... Now I have six! Say, two old ones, two new camouflage ones, and two navy-blue ones! Also a "perfect twist"... That's very useful. The other two are two more key-rings. They are both advertising key-rings, but they are very cool. Now I have forty-two key-rings! I collect them, you know...
So, anyway, I'm learning lots of things. You know, Mummy brok her foot on my birthday! So the first days of my fourteens are being very useful.
I'm having a wonderful time!

Saturday, 5 May 2007

It's 5th Of May Now...

...and 364 days to my next birthday!! :(
Oh, really, but I can't complain. From all the days I recall of my FOURTEEN years of life, yesterday was the best!! Thank you so much to all those who called, e-mailed or contributed in SOME way to make my birthday a wonderful and impossible-to-forget day! I was very pleased, and had just a delicious time!
Yesterday when I went to bed I did a lot of thinking (as I do always, for wile I wait to fall asleep I can't do anything else), and thought of how much God has blessed me in fourteen years, and I am so grateful to Him for everything I have!
Everything I have is because of Him. All the present that I got and still have to get, He made it possible. Each and everyone I know and love is because of Him. He created them. ALL IS BECAUE OF HIM! Each and every blessing I have came from His precious hands. And I am so grateful! "I will greatly praise the LORD with my mouth; yea, I will praise him among the multitude" Psalms 109:30

I guess you want to know how My Day went, so I will tell you a little about it.
I got up as always, earlier than I would like, since it was my birthday. =) But... I had to shower and we wanted to go to the library and to the marketplace as we always go on Fridays. So I frowned at the alarm clock and got ready. You may smile when I say that I frowned at the alarm clock, but I was bothered because I had been dreaming until then and the constant beeeeeeeeep-beeeeeeeeep of it broke the spell, and I stopped dreaming. >:(
Anyway, as I said, I showered, dressed, and helped Mama around with breakfast and everything like all the rest of the days. Then we got in the car and went to the market. There (wow, I was so happy!) I found a skirt I had been looking for two years. A long, navy-blue denim skirt, long to the ground. I was so happy! I had accorded with Mama that since we didn't find one and I wanted one so much I would make it myself, and well, I had to find it one my birthday too! :)
So we went also to the library, and back home, and once there I changed to my new skirt. (a little after when one of my friends called and I told her about the skirt and that I was wearing it she exclaimed "So you did like it after all!" *laughs*)
But well, lets go back to the morning... Mama, as always when it's our birthday, declared that I had a free day! It's wonderful not to study on your birthday... :) So I played my flute for some time, and after that I went to check my mail and had three new messages wishing me a happy birthday ! I received more along the day, especially the one from my best friend! Love ya, Jey!!
And well, finally we had lunch, and we has stake! Yummy, I love stake. We also had pasta salad (delicious), and these kind of yummy food I like so much! *smile*
And during lunchtime I opened my presents! My parents' present, as most of you know, is a digital camera!! I had been asking for one since I was quite young, since I discovered photography. And I kind of liked it and I dreamed of being a photographer when I grew up (*smile*). Anyway, even tough it is no very probable of me to become one, I like photography anyway, and finally, I got a camera, and I won't bother my older sister anymore when I want a photo of something... *smile* Love you!!
Ay little brother gave me a lip-care. what I specially like from it is its smell... Oh, dear, I could easily eat it! It has such a sticky cherry smell that's quite irresistible! :)
My younger brother (who is younger than me but older than my little brother) gave me three cases with twelve leads for my mechanical-pencil. So, really, I have thirty-six leads in total!
I also got three pars of socks (with fruit prints on them) from Nina, and dot-stickers from Ian. Nina is a doll, and Ian is a teddy bear. :)
When my older siblings arrived from college I had two more presents!
My Wunnerful Sister (I kind of gotten into the habit of calling her this way *smile*) gave camouflage flip-flops. They are pink with splodges of grey and green all over them :) I am wearing the right now. They are very comfortable and useful, because I can't wear my fancy shoes in the house, and either can go bare-footed (which I have until now *smiles*), so what do I do? Wear flip-flops! The old ones are still very new, even though I used them a lot last summer (they are warm-weather wearing, you know), but I needed a pair for when I went on holidays (then they could stay on the caravan), and a pair to have in house. So my Wunnerful Sister had a great idea in giving them to me! *smiles*
My older brother (who is older than me but younger than my older sister) gave me a pair of headphones. Wendy sometimes lends me her Discman for when I want to listen to a little music, and my brother also needs headphones for himself, so we were always waiting for the other to finish with them s we could use them Until I wrote "Headphones" on my birthday list and he bought them for me. :)
Then friends began to call. The first one to call was my friend from Madrid. And with her, they gave me her present. That was the mysterious parcel they had been hiding until now!! We talked for about half ano hour or more (I didn't really count the time), and meanwhile I opened the parcel... :) there was SUCH a cute little frog in it!! It is a stuffed toy, and when you press its middle it croaks! :) In the parcel there was also a little blue wood box with a cute little girl on the top, which when I opened it I discovered that there was a very pretty necklace in it! :)
And The Twins phoned too! I talked to half an hour with each of them, both such a dears!! I love them very much, and they told me they had a present for me :) It's so nice to have loving friends... *sigh*
During the afternoon we watched "The Fox and the Hound". I like that film very much, it's so cute! In case you want to know a little bit about it, it's about a fox and a hound (really?? who would have said it!). Tod is the fox, and his mother was killed when he was a baby. Then an old lay that keeps a farm adopts him, and they live together. Copper is a hunting puppy. Both are best friends when they are puppies (I don't know how do you call a baby fox) they are best friends, but when they grow up, Copper becomes a real hound, and they can't be friends anymore for he should really hunt Tod. Then, understanding the danger the old widow takes Tod to a NO-HUNTING place (I don't remember how it's really called... OH, dear me, a hunting-restricted thing??, I don't know, sorry!), and Tod fins Bigsie, a female fox. (this HAD to happen!!)
But without wanting Tod had hurt Chief, Copper's friend and instructor in hunting (Chief's a dog), and Copper was mad at him and told him he would hunt him "If it was the last thing he would do!!"
So one day Copper and his master set out ignoring the NO-HUNT thing and try and hunt Tod, who wants to defend Bigsie (in case you didn't know, Tod and Bigsie are in love), and they run away to hide in their little hole, but while in one end Copper's master had set fire, in the other Copper and his master were waiting with the gun. So they had to go though the fire, and then they climbed a waterfall.
Then a grey bear attacks Copper and his master, and Tod goes to help them. Tod and the bear fall off the waterfall, and when (even thought he had saved his life!!) Copper's master was going to shoot him, Copper is noble and doesn't let him. And the film ends happily with Copper and Tod being friends, and Tod and Bigsie together again! *sniff*
We had a wonderful afternoon, and then I have to tell you that I have photos from my birthday, some taken with MY camera, others with Mama's. :)
When Papa arrived and the end of the day was coming, Mama shut me out of the kitchen and (with the rest of the family in, so I was all alone :[ ) I waited sitting on the sofa and reading a book I like very much called “Ben and Kit”. But then they called me, and I had to go to the kitchen. It was spooky: the lights were off, and I could see a dim light on something brown… A CHOCOLATE CAKE!!!!!!!!!! It had blue candles, red candles and yellow candles. Mummy calls that specific cake “Crazy Chocolate Cake”. Soooooo attracting! :) It had sugar flowers on it, lilac, pink, yellow ones, and there was only one white flower on the middle, which was for me! It looked so delicious!! I really enjoyed that cake. My brother made it… :)
THEN came the biggest WOW of the day! We were going to have supper at a Chinese restaurant! Some weeks ago I had told Mama why we didn't go anymore, and that I liked Chinese food so much and I wanted to go again, and I guess that's what made the think of giving me this big treat on my birthday! So we went, and had a wonderful time. Besides because the food is delicious, I like Chinese restaurants because on the walls (at least on the one that we go) they have a little representation of the Great Wall, and tanks with lots of exotic fish, and everything so nice! And guess what! I learned how to use Chinese sticks!! Wendy taught me how, and I still have them (I mean the Chinese sticks). they are very pretty, and I liked eating with them (although eating rice with them was VERY difficult!!) :) For dessert I had truffles... Yummy, I love them and they were SO cold!!
Then, at qaurter past ten they began to say, in five minutes it'll be your real birthday (because I was born at twenty minutes past ten p.m.), and so they waited. But we began to talk, and forgot about it! Then, I looked at my watch, and exclaimed, it's already twenty-five past!! My first fourteen-year-old kiss as to Mummy and from Mummy... and also my Papa, brothers and sister... She was sitting next to me. And then, well, we went home.
We came back quite late, but anyway, the fun hadn't ended. We all went outside the garden and burned sparklers!!! They were colour ones, so I burned a red sparkler and a green one. And the rest also burned diffrent ones. I like sparklers a lot, and we could "write on the darkness". :)
After that, we did go to bed.
And oh well, I had a wonderful time all the day and I am very happy, and I am FOURTEEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

P.S.: By the way, yesterday wile I was sorting my presents out, a cat came up the window where Mummy has her plant (we are growing zucchinis, I think), and Mama run to the window because we didn't want the cat to break the plants. Normally we put food for them there, and the poor animal probably thought that they were food. But on her way to scare the cat away Mama hit a chair with her foot and broke a bone in it. :( Now she has a plaster, but please pray everything will heal properly. <:S

Thursday, 3 May 2007


There are only TWENTY-FOUR hours left for my REAL birthday right now, at twenty past ten p.m.!!!!!!! You just can't think how exited I am! During this past week mystery has hung over me, and at today's lunch Mama announced that some days ago a parcel’s arrived for me... AND THAT WAS ALL!!! She wouldn’t tell me from who it was, when did they actually get it, and dear me, they kept it secret until today!
This afternoon we've also gone to the shopping centre, and they sent me to the clothes apartment while they bought my presents. I normally like looking at the clothes, but, between my impatience and that had time to look at all the clothes twice, I got quite bored. So when finally told me that I was free to go wherever I wanted, I was so relieved!
We also found very pretty shoes Mummy is maybe going to buy me. I needed some, and those are perfect for summer! They are very neat and pretty...
And well, right now, I just can't wait, I'm soooooooooooooo impatient!! Maybe... Well, I don't know. All is a secret!!

Tuesday, 1 May 2007

May And Spring... Delightful!

What is so sweet and dear
As a prosperous morn in May,
The confident prime of the day,
And the dauntless youth of the year,
When nothing that asks for bliss,
Asking aright, is denied,
And half of the world a bridegroom is,
And half of the world a bride?
William Watson, Ode in May, 1880

The air is like a butterfly
With frail blue wings.
The happy earth looks at the sky
And sings.

The world's favourite season is the spring.*
All things seem possible in May.

What potent blood hath modest May.

A little Madness in the Spring
Is wholesome even for the King.

Now the bright morning star, Day’s harbinger,
Comes dancing from the East, and leads with her
The flowery May, who from her green lap throws
The yellow cowslip and the pale primrose.
Hail, bounteous May, that dost inspire
Mirth, and youth, and warm desire!
Woods and groves are of thy dressing;
Hill and dale doth boast thy blessing.
Thus we salute thee with our early song,
And welcome thee, and wish thee long.
JOHN MILTON, Song on a May Morning, 1660

I sing of brooks, of blossoms, birds, and bowers:
Of April, May, or June, and July flowers.
I sing of Maypoles, Hock-carts, wassails, wakes,
Of bridegrooms, brides, and of the bridal cakes.
ROBERT HERRICK, Hesperides, 1648

May! Queen of blossoms,
And fulfilling flowers,
With what pretty music
Shall we charm the hours?
Wilt thou have pipe and reed,
Blown in the open mead?
Or to the lute give heed
In the green bowers?

An optimist is the human personification of spring.

Sweet April showers
Do spring May flowers.

Now is the month of Maying,
When merry lads are playing.
Fa la la...
Each with his bonny lass,
upon the greeny grass.
Fa la la...
The Spring clad all in gladness,
Doth laugh at winter's sadness.
Fa la la...
THOMAS MORLEY, Now is the Month of Maying

Winter is many months of the year
But now at last Maytime is here;
And birds sing from a leafy screen
In the trees and hedgerow freshly green;
And the wood-anemone is out in the shade,
With its blushing petals which too soon fade;
Once more the bracken is unfurling there,
And bluebells gently perfume the damp air.

Yes, I will spend the livelong day
With Nature in this month of May;
And sit beneath the trees, and share
My bread with birds whose homes are there;
While cows lie down to eat, and sheep
Stand to their necks in grass so deep;
While birds do sing with all their might,
As though they felt the earth in flight.

*Of course, many people may not have the same oppinion.