Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Mr. March

Ladies and gentlemen!
I would like to introduce all of you to...

Mr. March!

Ain't he cute? ^^


I can't believe I'm writing this: it's snowed!!

In Spain. In March. How ironic is that?

I woke up to my Mamma opening the blinds up and excitedly exclaiming, "Get up, girl! It's snowing like crazy!" And sure enough, once I'd jumped off my bed and peeked out of the window I saw that it was snowing!! Yay!! Big, fat snowflakes, falling down as thick as anything! I was able to take a couple of pictures:

Morning! Just about nine a.m.

The mountains, in the morning. Same time.


This were how our windows looked in mid-afternoon. Already a car with loudspeakers had gone around advising for all of us to stay at home unless strictly necessary, and providing emergency phone numbers.

I don't know if it's seen on the pictures, but I'm tellin' you, it was snowing thick! I had the time of my life watching during different times of the day. It first snowed lazyly, the big, plump snowflakes floating in the air. Then it started to snow more fierecely and thicker. Finally, a strong wind started to blow hard, and it was almost like being in a blizzard!


Thursday, 4 March 2010

The King's Singers

So, what do you think? These are just my two favourites, but you should check them out because they have many other awesome videos!