Tuesday, 22 October 2013

On Weddings and Photography

Once again you find me in Romania. Wondering why I haven't been posting for some time? I always have a ready excuse. [wink] For the past month or more I have been preparing myself to photograph my third wedding - meaning, hurriedly finishing unfinished photography projects, studying and pouring over photography and wedding books and webpages, all this combined with the usual housework, teaching job, and... not so much sleep.

A couple of days ago, as I was working with the bride on her big day, I commented, "Well, there's always a first for everything!" And this was my very first Romanian wedding. Oh, what a pleasure it was to work with this couple! I enjoyed it very much and hope it won't be the last!

I can't give you a sneak-peek yet... due to luggage limitations, I don't have my computer whit me, so 'till I go home I won't be able to start working with the pictures. Furhtermore, the bride and groom are to be the first ones to see the pictures, so it will still take some time yet.

'Till then, I will leave you and the computer to enjoy my time here with my sweetheart. Here's another excuse for my future absence! [bigsmile]