Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Cosas Que Se Pueden Hacer Con Una Flor

Recogí una flor caída del árbol, y saqué un par de fotos con ella, jugando un poco con los fondos y las combinaciones.

En mi mano...




y mi camiseta de tirantes!

Me gustó el resultado. =)

Saturday, 21 March 2009

Welcoming Spring With Open Arms

Sunshine... warmth... flowers... colour... bees... bird songs...
Oh my, I love spring! All the new tiny flower buds that appear, all the new babies that will be born in no time... oh, spring is lovely.
I went for a walk last week. It was very warm and sunny, and after having bad weather, rain and clouds, it was totally irresistible. I asked Mummy for her camera, and started walking.

Our peach tree, starting to turn pink and green.

A combination of red, green and white...

A wild flower, growing on a stone wall, and stone steps.

The ground, full of white fallen petals from the trees.

While on my walk I discovered a kind of cave with a bee hive in it. It was wonderful to watch the bees going in and out of the cave, working.

The view down the valley. It's beautiful and I usually spend hours and hours watching it while on my walks or when I study.

Peach tree plus our yellow house... =)

Isn't spring delightful? Everything looks fresh and new!


Sweet smiles everywhere...


Sometimes our cat is known as the "Three S's", as Silly Skitty Scotty.
Don't ask me why...

This is a clear example of why we call him that way...

I was told cats eat mice... but I guess this one isn't normal.

Any doubts?

I didn't know wood was that nutritious...

If that's what happens when you eat sticks, I really don't want to try it.

He certainly seems to like it... maybe with a pinch of salt...

There, he falls asleep after that...

I do not advise sleeping in that position... next thing you'll know is, you'll be rolling on the floor!

These pictures were taken last Saturday, a very warm, lazy and summerish day, and certainly, one had this wanting to sleep in the sun! Scotty did a great job at posing, so I thought I'd post them on the blog. =)

Thursday, 19 March 2009



...y Anna...

¿...quién sabe en qué están pensando...?

Saturday, 7 March 2009

Algo Bonito

"Por una mirada un cielo;
por una sonrisa un mundo;
por un beso... ¡yo no sé
qué te diera por un beso!"

Gustavo Adolfo Béquer

Típica frase de nick de MSN. Lo he visto muchas veces cuando me conectaba, y solía pensar que era una frase popular inventada por cualquiera que estaba enamorado... pero el otro día, leyendo el enorme libro de mi hermana de "Rimas y Leyendas", de Béquer, vi este fragmento... y me quedé muy sorprendida.
¡Me gusta Béquer!