Thursday, 28 June 2007

I Did It!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

At last, I've been able to get a Cbox, and all by myself too! As you see, I'm proud of myself. Well, enjoy talking, and hope you have fun!

Friday, 22 June 2007

Did You Notice...

...that there are 1000 words in my last post?

What Everyone's Been Waiting For

Well, I guess it's more than a weekend, for what I have to say begins on Thursday. You know, with my brother’s concert, and the Twins birthday. Well, there isn’t much to say concerning the Twins’ birthday. I only have to say that I called them that evening, and we chatted for about an hour... I use to take THAT long talking to my friends.

But my brother’s concert was something I enjoyed very much. My Papa came to get me from my bobbing-lace lesson a quarter of an hour sooner to be in time, and then we went to get Mummy and the others. Bro was already at the place where the concert was to be held, and we got there in time. We had good seats, too! And when the concert began we all quieted.
My sister and I waited until it was Bro’s turn, and even tough it’s not very ladylike, we were the first ones to cheer him and whistle... Anonymous, and Dustynne, okay, you smile, and so can JoyGirl, but that’s me... and I do know how to whistle with my fingers. Anonymous taught me to. ;-)
Bro played really well, I’m very proud of my brother, and I’m very proud that I was chosen to be his sister! We were so proud of him, all of us, and still are!

And next day was my turn!! I didn’t get VERY nervous — at first. So well, my flute teacher came to get me at about half past five and we headed for the Music School. Over there I helped Laura with the programes, folding them and folding them and folding them again. There were HUNDREDS of programs to fold! And what’s worse Teacher didn’t pay me for all my work... *grin* Gradually all the player came, and when my partner arrived we began rehersal. My partenr is a year younger than me, and we have the same name... ;-) She was far more nervous than I was... I was only a lEEtl bit nervous, and if I got more along the day I wasn’t worried, because when I play I relax and have a good time.
After rehersal it was near the concert time, so the players went to one of the rooms (camerinos, I like to call them) and waited for IT to begin. Before half past seven people began to come, including my family and some neighbours, and a about twenty-five to eight or so we could go in. And IT began.
A little later I got a BIG surprise. The whole W Family were entering the room, together with Mrs. F and Master F!!! My, I DID get nervous then... I don’t know why. I had been praying so hard for them to come, but at first they didn’t know if they could, and they did!!!! I was so happy... and I got more nervous. Never mind...
When finally it was our turn I realized that I was trembing. I was so nervous... I went up the stage... and then, suddenly, I felt calm and relaxed and fine... but I was STILL trembling.
Everything went smoothly, and we played rather well. As we were the oldest ones, we were the last ones to play.
Something I have to say... I had a GREAT time, I was very glad my family and friends could come, and I’m looking very forward to the next concert!!! ;-)

Next Saturday (tomorrow to my concert) was something to expect too! It was my Twin Friends’ Brithday Party! We all went, even though my two older siblings and I had been planing to go alone by train, and we had such a good time!!! We got there at about two p.m., and were the second ones to arrive. Of course, their friends from the neighbourhood were there first! So we got there, and chatted and waited until the other friends were there. Then we had lunch. We had so much fun! I don’t really know how to explain it... children (I’m talknig about fourteen-year-olds up to eighteen-year-olds) ate outside and parents inside. We sat there, eating and chatting and joking and laughing anf having a great time.
At first everyone was shy and quiet, because most of us didn’t know each other. But then the ice was broken and after all we had a very nice time indeed.
After lunch we went to a entertaintment place (don’t know EXACTLY how it’s called. I only know it’s a place where people go there to have fun and play football or something like that, where people can also have picnicks... it’s like a big meadow). We just went there, got a ball and started playing football. I was goalkeeper... that’s a thing I can do well at football. I can also run, but I prefer keeping goals out. And I did, too. In the first game we won at Six to One, and the second game we lost at Two to One. I had such a great time!! And then when the Twins (there were two pairs of twins) and I raced to the fountain (boy, wasn’t it hot that day!), I won! I love running.
Then we planned to go to the beach, but in the end we couldn’t... ;·(
Anyway, we had a delightful time, and I want to say... Happy Birthday, Twins!!

Then last Wednesday was Wendy’s turn... she had HER violin concert, and my, didn’t she triumph! She played so well that the people didn’t stop cheering and she had to play a bis. I’m so proud of her too!!
Our cousin and her husband, and also Grandma, came to see her. And after her concert, to celebrate her success, we all went to an ice-cream shop and had a delightful time licking a delicious ice-cream!
Mine was (my cousin told me that originally they are called After-Eight...) a mint with chocolate pips ice-cream, and dear me, didn’t I enjoy it!
My sister is... THE BEST!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, 19 June 2007

So Sorry!

I'm so sorry... and I apologise to those who've been checking my blog for the last FIVE DAYS I haven't posted anything. To busy, I guess. :S DON'T worry, I'll post about my last weekend as soon as I can!
Sorry again. Really.

Thursday, 14 June 2007

I Know And I Don't Know

Which, funny as can be, I know three things and I didn't know one thing. In me, usually it's on the reverse, but this time, I'm glad it isn't a "usual" happening! ;-)
Okay, the thing I didn't know is about our local swimming pool. Yesterday as I went in the library, I asked at the library lady in a quiet whisper WHEN did the swimming pool open... She smiled at me and pointed at a poster right beside me at the door... and I felt myself blush. WHY did THIS happen to ME??? There was information about the swimming pool on the poster, and on white, which contrasted quite a lot with the blue of the poster, was written "Swimming Pool Opens On Monday The 11th". See what I mean now?? So... The swimming pool is open, and I can’t wait until we get there, and I can swim again! I’ve missed swimming so much!
Okay, the three other things I know are,
One... ONLY ONE DAY TO MY CONCERT!!!!!!!! Aw, I'm so exited... I hope I do alright. I’ve been practising hard for it.
Two... Today's my Twin Friends birthday!!! Now they'll be able to tease me that they ARE a year older than me... *grin* They're fifteen now. Happy Birthday!!
And Three... Today is also my brother's guitar concert!!!!! I'm so exited, as exited as if it was me who was playing, not him... but I am very proud of my brother, and he's the best!! Can't wait 'till this afternoon!!!!
And well, these are the things I know. If I can, I'll tell you about the concert this evening (which isn't likely, for the concert starts at 7.30 pm), and maybe I'll be able to tell you about MY concert tomorrow... which won't be likely either, because it starts at 8 pm, and then we may have some friends over for supper.
And most Saturday is busy because my two older siblings and I are going (Lord willing) to Twin's party... Another busy weekend!! These are three busy weekends in a row, and I'm very happy. So I don’t know if I’ll post until next Monday... at least you are warned.

P.S.: Mummy is better, and she is already walking quite well. Thank you for your prayers!

Tuesday, 12 June 2007


I beg your pardon, but this title is the best I could write, for this post is rather ...ahem... about everything.
I've just updated my profile, and I've added "Jellybeans" on my interests. Well, I LOVE jellybeans! My brother just did something on Math where he had to use jellybeans (what does a jellybean got to do with Math, you might ask yourself, but I answer, more than I thought! :]), and he had a BIG bag FULL and PACKED with jellybeans, so he came to me and what d’ya think he told me. “Come on, get a big handful and eat it all.” So I did, and began eating. Ten minutes late he came back, and said the same. And I did it again. And right now he’s offered me more, and I had to answer “Wait for me to finish the ones I already have!” ;) Right now, after eating like six or seven, I have by my side a handful of... fifteen jellybeans, six orange ones, two white ones, a green one, four yellow ones, a lilac one, and a red one. And I’m having a great time sucking them. ;)
Another matter I wanted to write is about apricots... apricots are also mentioned in my profile, but I wrote that AGES ago, for I like apricots since we came to live here. We have two apricot trees. And yesterday my brother came in with the first apricot of the season!! It was ripe, and it smelled like... like an apricot! But have you ever smelled a ripe apricot at its just time? It’s the most delicious smell of June
I love to smell ripe apricots... they have such a smell!!! Aw, that’s another feeling I can’t express... every time I think of apricots, I think in a delicious smell, a soft and smooth skin, a yellow-orange colour with a slight pink colour in one side, a big and tasty bite, and delicious juice falling down your cheeck... Ahhhhhh, I can alredy smell it without being under our huge apricot tree!! I’m soooooo impatient for all the apricots to get ripe!!!! You can’t guess how do I like apricots!

Monday, 11 June 2007

Roses And Flowers

I reckon flowers in general are rather difficult to cut out... ;) I'm not going to talk about gardening this time, though! I'm talking about scrapbooking.
Do you like scrapbooking? I love it! I've always liked to work with my hands, in drawing, sketching, painting, sewing, modelling, cutting and all other lots of things, and scrapbooking is one of my favourites.
Just some minutes ago Mummy called me at the bottom of the stairs, and told me she had something for me. I went down, and now I just got six old magazines about gardening, and while I looked at them I was very happy. There are HUNDREDS of flowers, and diffrent kinds of plants, and even a butterfly or two... but what made me most happy is that there is one fat magazine totally about roses. My favourite flower is the dark red rose, and I like roses in general very much. So I'll be able now to fill my scrapbook with roses and more roses!
But as I told you before, photographed flowers are difficult to cut out... but I like difficult challenges, if I may call it this way... ;) *Giggles* It already has many eagles, for eagles are one of the animals I like most, and I found a magazine talking about eagles, even though my favourite animal is the killer whale, and my scrapbook is also packed with nice mountains and views, and stuff I can take out of any kind of magazines. There are also postcards, and you know, the kind of things you put on a scrapbook.
If we get a new computer, I'll post a few photos of it, especially my favourite page of the whole scrapbook. It's a page where I stuck a very high cliff. I had cut out the cliff, I mean, I cut out all the sky, and there is only the cliff, if you know what I mean. And then, by it I stuck a huge eagle. It looks like the eagle is flying over the cliff, but the cliff is so small and the eagle so big, that I found it rather funny. I'll show it to you as soon as I can.
And now, I will be able to decorate it with any kind of flowers, and I'll have a great time!! I can't wait until I have a little free time. ;)

Saturday, 9 June 2007

It Smells Like Summer

Oh, I love weekends! They are wonderful days where I can have delightful times with my family... what would I do without them!
Yesterday evening smelled like summer... the air was fresh, and I could hear the little birds singing their last song as the sun slowly went to bed... and the air smelled fresh and pure, and... oh, I just don't know how to explain myself! Why are sometimes feelings you can't explain? How I like people to feel what I feel and the way I enjoy it!
It was just so beautiful! I felt so nice and blessed and so thankful to God! I just can't explain how I feel...
Well, yesterday I wasn’t the only one feeling happy, ad Mama, just as I was finishing my letter to a friend, called me to come down and help her with supper. So I did, and what was the first thing she said?? Go and clean the table outside, for we are going ot eat there!!!! Just think of it, as I was feeling THAT way, Mummy tells me the thing I had been wishing!! Aw, how nice Mummies are! Mine especially! ;-)
Well, so I went outside and asked the little one to go and fetch me the hose while I just got the table ready, and so he did, and after discussing who of us three (my two younger brothers and I) would do the work, we decided we would do it all three together. So all by suprise Al got the hose on, and the littl’ ‘un got soaking wet, and so did I. Then, after getting the table soaking wet, we cleaned it with a soaking wet cloth, and when we finished the work on the table I chased the two boys all around the garden with the hose on, and we all got wet and had a happy and great time... Ah, the fun of childhood, what would I do without little brothers!!
Then Al, the big and strong younger brother, (;-]) helped me with the table, and between us two we got it placed under the apricot tree. I know a song by recorder called “Under the Linden Tree”... This time under the apricot tree! ;-)
The we had supper outside and as it got dark it got nicer, and fresher and more (deep breath)... ahhhh! Summerish! ;-)
And before going to bed we wathced two episodes of Little House on the Prairie. And since we already sleep with our windows open, I went to sleep with thw word SUMMER in my head... Can’t wait until the swimming pool opens, and I can dive in!
SUMMER SUMMER SUMMER SUMMER! Deep sigh... Ah! I love summer! I just feel so blessed!

Friday, 8 June 2007

Big, Great News

Wonderful! God is so good!!
Mummy has her plaster out...! She is free! ;) This morning she went to the hospital, and my prayers were answered! I'm so glad for Mummy... she was getting very bored! ;) I have been praying very hard for her all morning, and not anly today... We weren't sure it would be healed, because, 1st, foot bones are quite difficult to heal, for what I've heard, and 2nd, she couldn't have calcium.
So we were quite doubtful about it, but kept our faith in the Lord... and He granted our wishes! I am so glad! You can't figure how glad I am!!
Thank you very much for those who've been praying. I know many people have, and I have to tell you I am really very thankful.
And she'll be able to come to my concert!!!!!!! :D

Only A Week!!!!!!

Hi everybody!! I just can't sit still... I'm so impatient for THE day to come!!! Say, it's only a WEEK to my concert!
I'm just so exited... I love to play on concerts. I get kind of nervuous, but... it's so much fun!!
I'll tell you after the concert how did it go... I've been preparing for about more than a month. Hope it comes out right!
Wish me luck! ;)

Thursday, 7 June 2007

Use Your Bible

What would happen if we treated our Bible like we treat our mobile phone?

What if we carried it around in our purses or pockets?

What if we flipped through it several times a day?

What if we turned back to go get it if we forgot it?

What if we used it to receive messages from the text?

What if we treated it like we couldn't live without it?

What if we gave it to Kids as gifts?

What if we used it when we travelled?

What if we used it in case of emergency?

This is something to make you go....hmm!! Where is my Bible?

Oh, and one more thing. Unlike our mobile phone, we don't have to worry about our Bible being disconnected because Jesus already paid the bill.

Makes you stop and think "where are my priorities?

And no dropped calls!

Many thanks to Ana Marie Ort (

Wednesday, 6 June 2007

20 Years Together

Today is my parents' anniversary!!!
Twenty years, five kids, having had wonderful times together... God has blessed them very much, and still does. Praise Him always!

Happy aniversary, Mama and Papa, love you always, and hope we have lots more wonderful years together!!

Wendy's Pal

NO arguing. My sister is the best sister in the world, whatever my friends might say.
When my Uncle & Co. came here, as you know, they bought with them the Big Bag... Full of yummy sweets and other delicious stuff. And one of them is called "Love Hearts", which are little round sweets with a heart in them and an incription on them, like "My Baby", "Be Mine", etcetera.
Yesterday, while I was practising my flute, withoutmy noticing it, my WUNNERFUL SISTER placed on my desk one of those little sweets, and when I saw it... Oh, I just didn't know what to think! It was a yellow heart, with "My Pal" written in it.
NO arguing. My sister is the best sister in the world, whatever my friends might say.

Tuesday, 5 June 2007

D Day

Last Friday was a wonderful and very blessed day to me. I had in mind to post this post on Saturday, but the computer was always busy, and we went for a little visit during the afternoon, so I didn't have the chance.
The wonderfulness started with a visit to some wonderful friends I love very much. It’s ages since we last saw them ...huh... since last Novembre! They are actually missionaries from United States, and they live here. They are very nice people, and I really like them!
Mummy and I went to visit them.
So we saw them last Friday!! We went there over for the afternoon because we wanted to see them... They had been to USA for six months and they came back here I don’t know when, but not so long ago (maybe a week or two?), and so we haven’t been able to see them... Until last Friday!! Oh, I was so happy to see them!! Mr. W and the two little boys weren’t there, but Mrs. W and the two little girls were, as well as Mrs. W’s brother and their mother... Master F and Mrs. F! ;-)
I was so glad to see the little girls!! I always feel comfortable when I’m with little ones, but especially if these little ones are those two. The older little girl is five (I think), and the youngest little one is two. They are sooooooo cute!! They are delightful!
I was so very glad to see Mrs. W too! She is such a dear... I love her very much! She is very pretty... :·) We had a really nice chat. I hope to see her soon.
So well, we just sat on the living room, and talked (well, really, I listened more than talked. Mummy and Mrs. W and Master F. talked, and casually I would say something, but I really was more interested in the two little ones... ;-] I’m me, you know). But I couldn’t help but just have a nice time with the two little girls, for I’ve arrived to the conclusion that they like me, and the two-year-old continually wanted to sit on my lap, and the five year old would speak to me whispering, telling me her secrets. ;-) When Master F kindly brought a drink of cocoa for me, the two-year-old patiently waited by my side until I had finished and she could again sit on my lap! Aw, they are just too cute! At first they would hide behind Master F’s chair, and peep behind, supposedly shy, but then... Oh, dear, I love them so much!
Then Master F and I took the two little girls down to the park, and while they played we had a nice talk. I had to be down there because Papa had to come and get us and I had to look out for him. So after a while, maybe twenty minutes, of talknig about everything, Papa came and we had to go... ;-( I really hope we can see them again!
Then Papa told me that I could go if I wanted to, to a concert with my sister. Wendy was already there, and they would drop me with her, and I could attend the concert. At first I was undecided, but I finally decided to say yes, and Papa took me with Wendy. I enjoyed the concert so much!!! A group called Zongora, where my flute teacher sings, sang first, and then the big wow of the concert: The OU Touring Choir from Oklahoma!! Wow, they were really amazing!! I really enjoyed the concert inmensly!! They really had a talent. I’m no one to say that, because what I know about music talents isn’t much, but I really liked the way they sang, and that is enough for me! :-) It was very nice that they were from USA, and I talked with the conductor, and he was very nice.
And then, when it finished (it was about ten p.m., or so), my Papa came to pick us up, and we headed home. Then, Papa left again to go and get Bro, and when they came here we had supper, and (what I consider the wonderfulest wow of the whole day)... Well, let it wait for a second. When the biggest wow of the day came, it already was next day... We finished supper at about quarter past twelve a.m. and then I turned the telly on and the DVD also, inserted the DVD and...
YES! You guessed it! FINALLY, after waiting for TWO WEEKS, I was able to watch Anne Frank, The Diary Of A Young Girl!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh, I loved that film, I enjoyed every second of it! I really liked it, and some parts are funny, others tense, others frustrating... A REALLY GOOD FILM!! It lasted three hours, from half past twelve to half past three, and I was dead tired when it ended, but oh, dear, it was worth it!!! I really enjoyed last Friday, it was so good to see our friends again, to have a delightful time listening to a concert, and last, but not least,to have a tirying but wonderful time watching the film!
I am really thankful for such a blessed afternoon, evening and night!!

Friday, 1 June 2007

What Can Happen When You Hang The Washing

I think that that's the longest title I've written up until now...
Anyway, what can happen when you hang the wasing? Well, I'll tell you!
I have just hanged the washing... A dark washing, by the way... So I took it out of the washing machine, and into the basket. You can think by now that laundry is kind of my job... ;)
Anyway, so I went to the back of the house, where we have the hanging lines, and just began taking pegs and using them to hang the washing. And then, my always companion when I hang the washing came to visit me. Well, at first he didn't recognize me, so he gave the always cry of alert. Huh? Who am I talking about?
Aw, of course! I am talking about the swallows! They have their nest out on our shed, right by the hanging place!
Well, when he gave his usual cry of alert, I looked up, and talked to him. TALKED to a swallow... yes, I have this habit of talking to the birds... I talk to the swallows, to the parakeets, to the sparrows, to the pigeons... Anyway, when he heard my voice, he calmed down, sat on the fence, and began singing.
Then Mrs. Swallow arrived, carrying something on her beak... Well, I don't know which is which. It might be that the first swallow was Momma swallow... :)
And so she was carrying something in her beak, like a worm, or something, and went to the nest, and then I heard the little 'uns crying for food.
It was the first time I heard baby swallows!! I had never heard them before, and not that I hadn't gone to hang the washing few times.
So when the swallows went away to fetch more food, I creeped up, on my toes, and I SAW THE BABIES!! Oh, you just can't imagine how cute they are!!!
God did create amazing animals!!! They were crying out, with their tiny yellow beaks, and ruffly black heads... Oh, I just dont know how to explain it!!

Summer Begins In The Middle Of June

And dear me, how impatient I am for it to come!! Summer has always been a nice season to me, a great blessing!
"Thou hast made summer and winter" Psalms 74:17

Now summer is in flower and natures hum
Is never silent round her sultry bloom
Insects as small as dust are never done
Wi' glittering dance and reeling in the sun
And green wood fly and blossom haunting bee
Are never weary of their melody
Round field hedge now flowers in full glory twine
Large bindweed bells wild hop and streakd woodbine
That lift athirst their slender throated flowers
Agape for dew falls and for honey showers
These round each bush in sweet disorder run
And spread their wild hues to the sultry sun.

What is one to say about June, the time of perfect young summer,
the fulfillment of the promise of the earlier months, and with as yet
no sign to remind one that its fresh young beauty will ever fade.

A swarm of bees in May is worth a load of hay.
A swarm of bees in June is worth a silver spoon.
A swarm of bees in July is not worth a fly.

Tell you what I like the best --
'Long about knee-deep in June,
'Bout the time strawberries melts
On the vine, -- some afternoon
Like to jes' git out and rest,
And not work at nothin' else!

Oh, the summer night
Has a smile of light
And she sits on a sapphire throne.

Summer afternoon - summer afternoon; to me those have always
been the two most beautiful words in the English language.

Rest is not idleness, and to lie sometimes on the grass
on a summer day listening to the murmur of water,
or watching the clouds float across the sky,
is hardly a waste of time.

How can one help shivering with delight when one's
hot fingers close around the stem of a live flower,
cool from the shade and stiff with newborn vigor!

It is the month of June,
The month of leaves and roses
When pleasant sights salute the eyes,
And pleasant scents the noses.

A perfect summer day is when the sun is shining,
the breeze is blowing, the birds are singing,
and the lawn mower is broken.

The hum of bees is the voice of the garden.