Thursday, 21 December 2006

Flutist... Ha!!

Being a flutist myself, it was very amusing to find this on the Internet...

"Flute players spend half their time tuning their instrument and the other half playing out of tune."

P.S.: It's sometimes true... =)

Monday, 18 December 2006

A Reel (Really??) =D

Yesterday some friends came to my house for the Sunday meeting. They are very good friends of ours. We know each other before I was born!!! Well, they have a pair of twins one year older than me, that are very good friends, and that afternoon I showed them a disc that my sister Wendy had lent me.
So they listened, and they liked as much as I do, and one of the songs was a Reel, a real fast Reel. =) I have always liked to dance, so we tried dancing the Reel with a step that we knew. My, wasn't that tiring!!! We began to dance, and dance, and I have to say, I DID sleep well last night, I was so tired!! It was a long, very long, and fast, very fast, Reel, so we were tired when we had finished dancing it for the 6th time!!
And as they were twins, I had to dance first with one, and then with the other, so I likely danced about 8 times!!
You can imagine us, with our hands on our hips, bouncing and dancing all the time, with our hair in every direction... It was VERY cool!!!!

A Poem... I'm Famous!!!

Well, not exactly, but you could call it like that. I once wrote a poem to take part of a contest, but later I discovered that I couldn't take part of it because entrants could only be from Canada or United States. So instead I sent my poem to a magazine, or a Newsletter, call it the way you want, and when we received it last Saturday, my poem was published!!!! Oh, I was so happy!! Just imagine, my poem published in the Newsletter that hundreds of people read!!! I was so proud and surprised and happy at the same time!! =)

Friday, 15 December 2006

Dissection of a Pig's Kidney

That's what we've done for our biology hour this afternoon. If I have to be honest, I haven't really enjoyed it. The kidneys smelled awful, and I was dizzy all the time, but otherwise, it was VERY interesting.
First of all we had to draw a diagram of the whole part (with the veins that go in and out, and all that), and another one of the kidney itself, and then we began to study the kidney. We used my microscope kit that my parents gave to me as a present one year. Wendy cut the kidney in half, and we could see the insides. We actually eat rabbit kidneys, but when I think of its job... well, I kind of get thinking "How in the world we EAT that?!?!"
Anyway, I learnt new things, and I have new knowledge.
I would like to post my diagrams, but first of all, I can't, because of the computer, and second, they aren't in English!!

Wednesday, 13 December 2006

A Walk

Finally, it's getting cold! We had a wonderful walk with my sister Wendy, just after dinner. My nose got as red as possible, and the view was beautiful. It was sunny, but not hot, and so nice!! The wind playing with our hair, making our cheeks rosy... BEAUTIFUL!!

Very Funny!!

I was looking for something on the Internet, and I found this web with funny sentences. They're really great!!!

On the grounds of a private school:

Airline office:

On an Athi River Highway:

From the " Soviet Weekly":

A sign seen on an automatic restroom hand dryer:

Hotel brochure, Italy:

At Lunch Time...

"A rabbit has a shiny nose,
A fault he cannot mend.
Because his little powder puff
Is at the other end"

I don't know how the conversation popped up, but somehow Mama told us this "thing". I love it!! It's SO, soooooooooooo funny!!

Einstein's Chauffer

I had been looking for this thing for ages!! I had always liked it... It's very funny!! I read it in a magazine or something.
"This is a true life anecdote about Albert Einstein, and his theory of relativity.
After having propounded his famous theory, Albert Einstein would tour the various Universities in the United States, delivering lectures wherever he went. He was always accompanied by his faithful chauffer, Harry, who would attend each of these lectures while seated in the back row! One fine day, after Einstein had finished a lecture and was coming out of the auditorium into his vehicle, Harry addresses him and says,
—Professor Einstein, I've heard your lecture on Relativity so many times, that if I were ever given the opportunity, I would be able to deliver it to perfection myself!
—Very well— replied Einstein—, I’m going to Dartmouth next week. They don't know me there. You can deliver the lecture as Einstein, and I'll take your place as Harry!
And so it went to be... Harry delivered the lecture to perfection, without a word out of place, while Einstein sat in the back row playing "chauffer", and enjoying a snooze for a change.
Just as Harry was descending from the podium, however, one of the research assistants intercepted him, and began to ask him a question on the theory of relativity.... one that involved a lot of complex calculations and equations. Harry replied to the assistant,
—The answer to this question is very simple! In fact, it's so simple, that I'm going to let my chauffer answer it!"

Saturday, 9 December 2006

Pop's Birthday

Yeah, Happy Birthday To You, Pop!!

Today's an important day. It's my Papa's birthday!! Having a family like us is great. Lots of presents!!!! Besides our good friend (she's going away today... =S), our Grandma came yesterday, and she spent the night here. Lots of presents!! Mama gave him a new shaver, my sister gave him a very cool new pen (silver and gold), Bro a stand for his acoustic guitar, I gave him "Ferrero Rocher" chocolates (I hope he'll give me some!! ;]), Al gave him aftershave, and the youngest, chocolate slabs.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, 8 December 2006

Playing Dinosaurs at Breakfast

Once football, now dinosaurs.
A good friend of ours has come to spend this four-days-holidays with us, and as like us, she is quite crazy... The littlest one convinced her to play dinosaurs with him, and, as we were all (all but our parents) having breakfast together, we all played with her. Well, I was more concentrated at laughing at them than at playing. Oh, it has been SO funny!!
One dinosaur had pointed bones at the back, and he used it as an attack. He jumped on some of the dinosaurs' back, and almost killed them. Once one dinosaur ran away just in time, and the pointed dinosaur got stuck on the table, because of the pointed bones, and stood there, with his legs in the air. It was so funny! Not only because of the scene, but also that they made him talk so funny!! It was so hilarious! I enjoyed so much! I laughed until my sides ached. XD XD X) =)

Thursday, 7 December 2006


Yeah! Since yesterday and the rest of the week... Holidays!! For once we won't have to wake up at half past seven a.m., we won't have to study all day, and we will be able to be around the house in pyjamas!!!
Not that I don't like normal days... they are very full, and I can't be bored. But from time to time, I like to be "free". I can read, sew, knit, write all day (after chores, of course) without anybody reminding me that I have to study first, with a free conscience, because I am not doing anything bad... It's just wonderful!! Only that I finished my lat book yesterday... And today afternoon, as it is holiday, the library is shut!!
I'll have to occupy my mind in something else. Well, we have the "Secret Familiar" game.
The 1st of December is a sort of special day. We all write our names in a piece of paper, and dump it in some bowl or something. Then, without looking, we take one paper out, and we have to buy a present for the person that has his/her name on the paper. Of course, it has to be secret.
Then, we secretly put the present in the person's plate at lunchtime the 1st of January, and everybody has a secret present!! It's lots of fun. It's called "Secret Familiar" because we only do it between our family.

Monday, 4 December 2006

Books & Books & Books and Even More Books!!

Huh!! I'm full, stuffed with new books!!! Not that I complain... =) I'm quite happy with them!! You see, last Thursday, after my lace lessons, I hopped in the library to replace my provisions of books. And, as often happens, after the Friday lessons and chores, I just began to read. I had other things to do, like my navy blue scarf that I am crocheting, and which I hope I will have finished by New Year (I want to wear it with my new special blouse, my new jacket, and my new hat. In case you want to know, the are all blue!!), or writing... But I just COUDN'T pass without reading. So, ALL the SIX books that I had borrowed (and they aren't thin) were finished by Saturday afternoon!!
I was frustrated with myself. I meant to make them last until next Thursday, but once I got reading... I just COULDN'T stop!! It's in my blood; I can't help it (sigh).
But, well, somehow, I got through, because some very good friends of ours came to visit my big sister and I. They are our age. And one of them is as fond of reading as I am, so, as usual, she brought with her some books that I could have until next time we meet. My, wasn't I relieved!!
I will try and make them last as long as possible... Thankfully, I won't have two and a half days without studying, and that will occupy my mind for a while... =) And as for the time I'm not studying... I will try and concentrate in my crochet or my music, and let's see if my five new books can last until next weekend!! =)

I think I will start a club called "Bookworms"... =D :D