Thursday, 24 December 2015

Three Weeks...

...of Mediterranean beaches to walk along and pine tree forests to hike.
...of sunny, mild weather and not too cold temperatures.
...of bird watching outside the kitchen window at the diverse little 'uns that come to pick at fallen olives.
...of visiting old friends and enjoying catching-up conversations over a cuppa.
...of walking among cobbled streets in old towns and (yes!) taking pictures of worthy-of-note details.

...of staying at my parents' in my old childhood home!

This trip has been long-awaited and hoped for, and it doesn't seem real that we are actually here, that we've actually been here since Monday! Time is flying and I am trying desperately to enjoy every second of our stay here. I know that the parting day will come and we will ask ourselves, WHERE did the time go? Therefore, here is me, leaving in a rush so that I can drink in the beauty of time in Catalonia.

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