Monday, 25 April 2016

Introducing Alistair and Tristan

A couple of weeks ago my husband and I decided it was high time for a new pet. We had been long talking about getting a pet rat (influenced by my sister, who already had one and recommended it as the best option), and due to my birthday coming soon I asked my husband to get me one for me as a birthday gift.

Then, after much reading and research, we decided two rats would be better than one as they are very sociable animals, and two rats give about as much work as one. It follows that Alistair and Tristan came to be part of our pet family.

In their case, a picture is worth a thousand words. I'm so glad we got them! They are so sweet, loving, funny, and endlessly curious and adventurous. They never cease to surprise!

Tristan... he is white with grey patches.
Alistair. He is white with a black head and patches.
They enjoy being on my shoulders. Alistair was almost falling
asleep there... and Tristan was curious about the flash.
Part of the awesome cage the hubby included in the gift...
I'll keep you updated. I take plenty of pictures and videos of them as we play or they sleep or explore... What an adventure!


Anonymous said...

One shouldn't have favourites among nephews, but Tristan's little nose is rodent-nosified perfection.

A Joyful Heart said...

You asked what is wrong with our little girl? She has a serious liver problem, and the doctors say she needs a transplant. Please keep her in your prayers!