Tuesday, 4 July 2017

Have I an Object, Lord, Below?

Have I an object, Lord, below
Which would divide my heart with Thee;
Which would divert its even flow
In answer to Thy constancy?
Oh teach me quickly to return,
And cause my heart afresh to burn.

Have I a hope, however dear,
Which would defer Thy coming, Lord!
Which would detain my spirit here
(Where naught can lasting joy afford)?
From it, my Saviour, set me free,
To look, and long, and wait for Thee. 

Be Thou the object bright and fair
To fill and satisfy the heart;
My hope to meet Thee in the air,
And nevermore from Thee to part:
That I may undistracted be
To follow, serve and wait for Thee.

I have recently come to the conclusion that I lack a lot when it comes to memorization and storing away in my mind. I became aware of that when, as I sang to Bia through the day and its tasks, I saw that my repertoire was very limited.

Therefore I have made it a personal project to memorize hymns and verses. I do a considerable amount of work in the kitchen, and as there are kitchen cupboards on the walls, I got a clothes hanger with clips, snapped the hymnbook in and hung the improvisation from the cupboards' handles. Now, as I wash the dishes or cook, I work on memorizing whatever is hanging by either singing it or reciting it to Baby as she sits in her chair. So far I've learnt "Great is Thy Faithfulness". Now I am working on this one, which, as an  added thought, is one of my very favourite hymns. So beautiful! 

Next will be "How Great Thou Art"

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Sister in the Mid-west said...

What a good idea! I am not familiar with this hymn. As I read it I just thought it was a poem. I will see if I can find the tune and learn it. :)