Monday, 22 June 2015

J. S. Bach's Complete Lute Works

I discovered this quite by accident. If you've ever used YouTube lately, you've probably noticed that a relatively new feature, an "Up Next" video option, unless you cancel it manually, automatically plays another similar video to the one you've been watching.

I had started the day off by playing Henry Purcell as I worked, and absorbed in my chores I suddenly realized that I was listening to an unfamiliar piece of music. Puzzled, I came to check what was going on, and it turned out that the "Up Next" video wasn't Henry Purcell but Bach.

His complete lute works, at that. They're beautiful, peaceful and perfect to work along to in a relaxed manner. There are almost two hours of music, so once you start playing, you should be done with your chores by the time the video is over!

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