Tuesday, 23 June 2015

On Baskets and Flowers

Do you remember this?

I expect not, because I don't recall ever posting it on my blog. I did, however, post it on my photography tumblr, so perhaps you might remember it.

A beautiful flower basket that Daniel gave me on the 14th of February 2014 during my visit to Romania. Wasn't it lovely? This, however, was more'n one year ago, and the basket, which I kept, was empty. It was sitting forlornly on the inside sill of the sitting room window, and attempting (pitifully) to decorate it.

Today I had a sudden inspiration, and after some time of work, I got this result:

Of course you can't compare it to the original, you see? (Nothing really compares to what the hubby chooses, really) but it's colourful and it looks bright, pretty and cheerful.

First of all I partly filled the basket with bright green tissue paper. Then I added the two leaves, one on each side (I followed a very confusing and altogether non-recommendable tutorial for them, so I'm not going to link it) and filled the rest of the space with more of the same tissue paper. Finally, once all of the lilies were finished, I positioned them on the creases of the tissue paper combining their different colours for a mixed effect.

I used six different origami paper patterns (they were very thankful to finally be used. I've had the origami paper packet for years and have hardly used it), one for the leaves, and five for the lilies, and followed this tutorial for the flowers. It's quite easy and I ended up doing them without looking at the instructions (and I better, as I had to do the same ten times!).

My next craft is a quote I want to do for the kitchen using small cardboard letters.


Life in the Midwest said...

How cheerful and pretty! I like it.

LSEP said...

Nice... Aquestes flors es diuen "matrimonis"! Even nicer!