Friday, 19 June 2015

The Adventure Begins

Last January my parents presented me with (one-of) their long-awaited wedding present: a brand new sewing machine all to myself! However, even though it's been a little bit more than six months I haven't officially really "used it for the first time" yet. I haven't done any big project with which I could break the champagne bottle and launch the ship!

Things have changed a little lately, though.

For starters, when my husband and I visited my parents back in April my Mum gifted me with a very cute black-and-white checkered kitchen towel (or dish towel) with a big "True love is a big deal" written on it in pink. As the writing was of some sort of plastic printed material, and it occupied a large area of the towel, therefore rendering it unpractical for drying (let's face it, plastic writing doesn't absorb water very well) she suggested I turn it into an apron. I considered it a capital idea.

Then I received some money from my parents-in-law for my birthday to spend on something nice for myself. Some days ago I finally got around to use that while browsing around eBay for general tools and supplies for sewing and specific supplies for the apron design that I have in mind.

Then I declared myself ready to start off my first real project with my new sewing machine.

I've started out by ripping out the hem seams from the towel. At first I thought I'd use the existing seams for my benefit and use a black/white/pink bias tape for the parts I had to cut out, but in the end I decided I could gain a lot by ripping that hem - it would be a good thing as the towel isn't as big as an apron usually is (I was right, I ended up gaining a good 4 cm in length and width!) and use black/white/pink bias tape (haven't decided on that one yet... any advice on that?) to finish off all the hems and have a balanced, symmetrical look.

Now, after having washed it so that the fabric could settle (there were tiny holes left by the seams) I will iron it (upside-down, of course) and impatiently wait for the supplies to arrive.

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Life in the Midwest said...

Have fun! I want to start sewing more, maybe a dress or quilt...I would enjoy seeing your finished product!